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Speaking of the and my brother both picked up this Adidas Clippers 25th anniversary “Draft Day” hat at the thrift store today. Brand new unworn fresh out the box for $3. LA born and raised so I got to represent all squads :emoji_muscle: :emoji_sun_with_face:

No, that would’ve washed off his autograph. Besides, he wears a 10.5 and they’re too small for me.

Oh, and if you mean the arm sleeve and wristband the answer is no. I just left them inside the shoes.
Clippers are not a L.A. team, and will never be because they're perennial losers. They've been born losers since their inception as the Buffalo Braves, then their incarnation as the San Diego Clippers. I still recall their sorriness as the Los Angeles Clippers at the Sports Arena. 👎

Clippers ain't seen as a L.A. team just because it's in their namesake, similar to the sorry Angels namesake fiasco. The so-called Los Angeles Angels have no connection to L.A. whatsoever because they're in the city of Anaheim out in Orange County. 🙄

Nice to know Clippers will go to Inglewood in 2024 to keep f'ing up and perpetually losing. Steve Ballmer needs to realize he'll never win in L.A. city or even L.A. county which Inglewood is under.

Cool to learn that Allen Iverson wears 10.5 because that's my size too!
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Time flys man. I was just at the thrift store and picked up Jay-Z’s Black album. I remember when that cd was brand new at Circuit City store shelves. I checked the year on the back of the cd....that was 17 years ago going on 18!
i wish i could feel what it was like to play a new jayz album from that era in the car for the first time i bet it was awesome. i remember going for car rides with my older cousins listening to the new good fridays songs. that was the best summer of my life
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Women (like the popular ones/stars) have incorporated make up techniques that originated & were popularized in drag culture. They heighten parts of their face w/ foundation specifically on their cheekbones & brow ridges to make themselves (probably ignorantly) look more masculine.

I bring this up b/c I was just watch this video, and paused at the 4:18 take investigate her sex. Turns out she's cute & undeniably female w/o all that ****:

Anyway, there's so many woman that I don't know if they're female for sure that I won't approach, and I haven't figured out a way to just ask. If you are a woman w/ strong features, you don't use feature enhancers to look more feminine. That is counterproductive. What's wrong w/ just mascara, eye shadow, eyebrow darkener, & lipgloss/lipstick?
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Los Angeles Dodgers
Anaheim Angels

Los Angeles Lakers
Anaheim Clippers
Yes, Anaheim Angels was their third namesake in the '90s until 2002. Then Arte Moreno decided to be an a%$ 🤡 and rename them the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim for identity and profitable purposes when he bought them in 2003. 🙄

That's so ancient history when they were originally the Los Angeles Angels. They only played at Dodger Stadium for their first few years while Anaheim Stadium was being built.

I'm already calling them the Inglewood Clippers since they're moving there in 2024 and I want them the F out of L.A. city already!

Fun fact, Donald Sterling was offered The Pond in Anaheim rent-free to move his piece of 💩 Clippers there when it opened in the '90s. But he stupidly wanted to be in close proximity to Hollywood by staying in the Sports Arena dump. He was an idiot because he was paying lease to play in the Sports Arena to perpetually lose in general to the Lakers. 😆

All good fellas. This is a California love thing so all will be repped :emoji_muscle: 🌞
Never! A Los Angeles namesake in the front doesn't count. L.A. has always been the city of winners and champions, especially now that it's official in 2020 with the Lakers & Dodgers. 😎

A team in my hometown is only acceptable if they win major and have significant history with players and titles.

A high percentage of fans in L.A. symbiotically like the Lakers, Raiders, and Dodgers as their teams. But not all though in fairness.
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Although it was over 2 years ago, what do y'all think about Blac Chyna trying to fight some people at Magic Mountain on Easter Sunday in 2018? She really acted a fool trying to utilize a stroller as a weapon! 😆😲

But seriously, who the F goes to an amusement park to get into fights or a disagreement? 🙄

This mature Sister summed it up right though. 👍
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She really acted a fool trying to utilize a stroller as a weapon! 😆😲

But seriously, who the F goes to an amusement park to get into fights or a disagreement? 🙄

“If Shady said it, Shady meant it.
I stay demented. I’ll throw a stroller at you
with a baby in it” - Marshall Mathers

Oh, and my dad has been in loud arguments at amusement parks. It never fails :smh:
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