Welcome our 9 new NikeTalk moderators!

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Dec 8, 1999
Since the founding of our community in December of 1999, NikeTalk has experienced rapid growth. By examining our webstats, you can see that our traffic has more than doubled over the past year.

As I type this, over 1,200 individuals are currently browsing our site. Though our current staff continues to work their hardest to provide you with the safe, friendly, and responsible community you all deserve we cannot maintain a level of quality that I'd consider acceptable without bringing in additional help.

Fortunately, NikeTalk is a strong, diverse, and experienced community with a wealth of level headed, high character individuals. It is thanks to our incredible members that I'm able to introduce nine new moderators to help organize, maintain, and fortify our growing community:

(in no particular order)

and Atar1

None of these names should be unfamiliar to NikeTalk vets. We didn't have to post a sign up sheet, start writing checks, or settle for the after school aid of young children. Each of these new staff members will bring experience, knowledge, and maturity to the table each time they sign on. They're here to help filter out the types of garbage posts and nuisances that can make our time on NikeTalk less enjoyable than it should be while facilitating the creation of useful resources and content to benefit the entire sneaker community.

I'd like to thank each of them once again for stepping up and volunteering their time to serve our community.

Please, no hazing the new guys. We'll leave that to Bastitch.

hey all. congratulations on the new mods. Im sure these additions will be great to help better niketalk. I hope to be mod someday, big ups again guys!

for one post only..... The new mods > Club27
------Club27 > you------
I wasn't considered :frown:

lol j/k congrats to all new mods...hopefully with all the new mods there wont be a whole lot of crap/immaturity to deal with anymore...
If Knowledge Is The Key Then Just Show The Lock
Look at Club e-sucking up....
<!-----<span style="color:red;font-family:courier;font-size:medium;">"..Breakin in cribs with a crowbar, I wasnt poor.. I was po'. I couldnt afford the 'or"</span><!-----<br><br><!-----<span style="color:white;font-family:courier;font-size:small;">"..So dont step to this cuz I got a live crew.. you might be kinda big but they make coffins your size too. I was taught wise Im known to extort guys, this aint Cali, its Harlem ninja we do walk-by's."</span><!-----
I'm dedicating my services as moderater to RyanKMD.

(sorry Steez...I had to do it...lol)
"If you say 'last shots or breds', you better be talking about alcohol or Wonderbread."
Seriously, poor KMD must be crying...

All seriousness aside, though, I fully expect to become a mod within the next few years... I figure they'd make me one now, but I'm still a minor, and they don't want to cause a kafuffle.


big congrats to you guys, and a thank you in advance cuz i know it can't be easy patrolling this site everyday, good luck :D

This is the team for me. i always require medical attention​
for ebay auctions[/b]​

three names i love on the board. props!! :smokin
*adds 3 names to mods in her corner* :wink:
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