What are the best basketball shoes out right now?

Kobe 2, Lebron IV. Depends on you and what style your game is.
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It's not a Nike Basketball shoe, if people really want to be honest.....Jordan 9.5, Adidas Gil O, Adidas 1.1's, and the XXI PE's.
i don't know...but the Kobe 1's are crazy comfy at least to me and great to ball in.
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Zoom Kobe 2 :pimp:

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goosebear10 hit most of them....the zoom BB's coming out on the 9th are gonna be really nice...they will feel like huaraches.
iono ixx or 2k4s are the best shoes ive ever balled in
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reggie, have you worn the bb's? what are they like? do they run narrow?

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i tried them on and wore them for a few minutes....they are really light and soft....kinda like huarache 2k4's but lighter
air max 180 bb is the best for me as far as bball goes cause i play small forward but everything from moving around the ball and cutting to jumping and rebounding this shoe has done everything for my feet for comfort and support on and off the court even when i go jogging. So i say this shoe out of all shoes i've worn in the past is the best but that is just my opinion.
I wore the BB's to pratice last week and loved them,
The cushioning is probably the best I've ever played in and I've played in most of the recent performance shoes from Nike(ZKII's,LBJIV's,360BB,180BB,XXII's etc)
I found the overall feel of them to be similar to the 2K4's (traction,weight) but with better ankle support and upgraded cushioning.
The inner booty and lining of the ankle is very nice,I had no problems with them cutting into my ankles but I wear slightly higher socks so it's never a problem for me anyway.
I didn't think they were particularly narrow fitting,I had a problem with the XXI's being to narrow across the arch but the BB's fit perfect on me.
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Kobe 1 is good. damn comfy. pretty good quality.
Didnt purchase kobe 2 but crazy 8 is good.
heard from my friends, Wade 2 is good, but sole gonna wear off pretty quick in outdoor.
currently im wearing lebron 1st game and its one of the best i've ever worn beside XIs.

btw, im a PG who runs a lot and plays outdoor. i play like 3 times a week.
and im not sure about Tmac 6 or gil-zero. both sounds good.
you might wanna check them out from finishline.com
they have feedbacks from buyer, dont they?

zoom kobe 2 best basketball shoe ever made
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XX2's right now.. i would say but havent balled in many.. i loved the 2k5's.. I never tried 2k4's but alotta of people really seem to like the 2k4s..
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