When I fleX my triceps & lats ...

Joined Jan 14, 2008
and turn my head the neck pain stops but when i relax my tri's and lats the pain comes back. I already made an appointment for those who are going to say to see a doctor BUT i just want to see what some people might think or if this is something others might have.
Joined Mar 17, 2006
Just take a cocktail of flexeril, voltaren and darvocet and you should be fine. You'll sleep like a baby and you'll wake up pain free.
Joined Jul 9, 2007
Common case for dudes who hit the gym regularly. Usually with bigger muscular handsome dudes. However, can be quite serious. Its a form of symettric gangrene and I'd recommend seeking a specialist within the next 9 hours because it can become fatal. Hopefully you have medical insurance or have the $$$ to get it removed ASAP. Sorry to hear man.
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