where do i start to make music?

Dec 21, 2005
i want to start making songs by having beats and rapping over them but what do i need ? i know this sounds like a real rookie question but please help. Someone told me that i need a mic with a net and audio interface. i also have garageband on my mac.
is that all that i would need or would i need anything else?

also what are some good quality mics that arent TOO EXPENSIVE for me just beginning? But at the same time, i want a mic that has real good quality to it when recording over beats not just some mic just to record.

Any info would be appreciated. thanks!
u need an interface usb or firewire (make sure it has phantom power) and a condensor microphone...

look on guitarcenter.com

they have recording packages n %+!*...

u also need a mic stand and a pop filter...
Whatever u do, don't buy a USB Condenser Microphone unless u have a lot of RAM or u'll have a lot of latency
Check Ebay for a decent mic and like TIME said, make sure ur audio interface has phantom power
that should work nice... and everybody records on macs for the most part... u should be good... u just need a real mic stand (it comes with a table stand) and a pop filter...
1. get yourself a condenser microphone (check amazon, guitar center)
2. xlr cable so u can connect your mic
3. you're gonna want to get a stand and a pop filter
4. audio interface (also works as the soundcard) needs phantom power to power the mic
5. stdio monitors
optional: mixer

these are basic things you are gonna need if u wanna do some home recordings.
some good brands for mics are mxl, cad, studio projects, audio technica
Originally Posted by jserryday

Look into Fruityloops or Reason or Protunes...(all computer software)


dont speak on what u dont know... PLEASE....

u cant record audio in reason... and W T F is protunes?

its pro TOOLS...
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