Who makes the best Insoles?

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I'm looking to try some insole replacements. I have Spenco now, they are pretty good.

What insoles do YOU use?
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Originally Posted by nawlinsjunkie

Dr. Scholls. I cant wear most of my shoes without them anymore, theyre too damn comfortable
Do you have the regular ones or the custom fits?

Anyone got experience with SofSole Airr Insole or Spenco Performance Gel Insole?
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im in the market for some insoles as well but dont know whether to go with sofsole or dr. scholls.
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I'll be honest with you though...I work at a cycling shop and help people finding the right cycling shoe for them. Everyone has a different shaped foot then the other...

Go into a shoe store, and find a 2-3 insoles that shapes to your foot and most importantly your arch. Every company that makes insoles, are shaped and structured differently.

What you want to do is to stand, and look at your arch. Now find an insole that has an arch similar to your. Now you need to find the right size...just because you wear a size 10 shoe doesn't mean you're a size 10. You could be a size 9, or maybe even 11(just trim the sole with scissors).

I'd look for 2-3 different insoles that fit your foot perfectly, and then slip them into your shoes...and from there decide what's feel most comfortable.
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