Who should draft Stephen Curry?

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I say he holds out on some Eli Manning draft day type deal. They need him in a big market like Philly or New York.
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A rumor that has been gaining steam is that the Knicks will select Stephen Curry with their 8th pick. We've received word that there could be truth to thisfrom inside sources claiming that Curry chose to put his name into the draft this year based on the Knicks assuring Curry that they would use their lotteryselection to draft him.

Obviously a lot could happen between now and the draft. The Knicks could always win the lottery (they're not using a top 3 pick on him) or trade theirpick.

But it appears to be a legitimate possibility that if the Knicks have the 8th pick on draft night they will use it on Curry. Curry's game would fitextremely well in Mike D'Antoni's wide open style and his scoring ability would be enhanced.
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i really didn't watch him play much, but how do u guys think he will fare in the league on the defensive end? i mean i know he's not going to be astopper, but i'm looking at picks like curry and gallinari as how these players can fit into a championship caliber team if we land a star or 2 in 2010.the reason i wouldn't mind the pick is that it's always important to have shooters if u have a star who gets doubled and draws defense, which is why ithink gallinari is a good pick. but defense is another thing u need to look at when it comes to complimentary pieces.
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Originally Posted by Proshares

Looks like I'll be booing again at the draft this year
I mean, it aint that bad

THIS Curry on the Knicks def will be >>>>

No matter how much weight he loses.
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Originally Posted by true 3 blue

Originally Posted by Proshares

Looks like I'll be booing again at the draft this year
I mean, it aint that bad

THIS Curry on the Knicks def will be >>>>

No matter how much weight he loses.
That's not saying much AT ALL
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You can't be serious -_-

You compared a point guard to a center -_-

Back to the topic

knicks will draft him enough said close thread.
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i can't help but think that curry can be a mo williams clone if someone sign with the knicks in 2010.
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Absolutely lottery worthy. He's a top top talent to me, especially in this weak draft. But go ahead and reach on some big men with zero feel for the game..Please..

D'Antoni will turn this dude into an All-Star within 3 years..
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Originally Posted by Statis22

Whoever needs a combo guard

Not lottery worthy imo
there was an article that said a doctor told curry he could grow an extra 2 inches when he examined his ephyseal plates. if its true and he cangrow to be 6-5, he would be a legit 2 guard.
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I just wanna see him on a squad that will give him a chance to develop.

And a squad that gets TV time.

So, not the Knicks.
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Originally Posted by and1play5

We (sixers) need him baddddd
6ers already have two 2 guards built like PGs who cant defend either position. why would we need a 3rd?

It doesnt make sense, it be like signing and overpaying a PF/C to $10+ mill per yr, signing a injury Prone FA to a Max contract, then drafting another6'10 guy in the 1st round after trading a 1st for a Big the previous yr.

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I'm ok with the little douche on the knicks. As long as it's no higher than 7 or 8.

WORST case scenario, is he ends up filling that D'Antoni 6th man spot that Nate and Barbosa have thrived in. which when you think about an 8th pickisn't the worst thing that could happen.

I don't put it beyond this staff to really turn him into a PG. He'll be a big time shooter in the system regardless.

Ideally, I want Flynn...but i know that's just not gona happen.
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