Who's Going to FREAKNIK!? {Vid Up!! Pg 1}

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i heard storys about freaknik from older coworkers. they said its over. but theres always bike week
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This is a joke.....right?

On a side note.........She didnt really NOT shave her bush for that pic did she?? Thats photoshopped right??



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This will turn into the gay pride festival, so if you wanna walk around seeing Tons of Man cheeks go for it.

I wont even consider going to that freak show, the amount of females out there cant even make me get over the amount of Transvestites an shemale's going to be in attendance.

Hell NO.


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Originally Posted by Frische Produkte

Originally Posted by BlazeKicks

where is this NIK at? i hope not in ATL
its gon be gaynik
[color= rgb(255, 0, 0)]I believe in ATL it's called FreakNikolas[/color]
So corny, yet so effective
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I'm from Atlanta. Word is that the Mayor, Kasim Reed, does not want the event to take place, though it would help with the city budget problems. Last I heard the official event was cancelled. But, people are still trying to make something happen on the dl. It'll probably be secluded at a park, which takes away from the event being that it originally ran through city, mainly the AUC. Honestly, I'm not looking forward to it. With all the changes the city has made since the early 90s, it will not be the same. I can already see the event turning into a pride fest,
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