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    Russian sleep experiment...warning.

    wow... i actually thought it was real at first.
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    TRY THIS RIGHT NOW(this site will guess anyone u have in your mind)

    thats amazing. it guessed the porn star
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    What is your Definition of being Successful in life?

    enjoyin wat ur doin and able to support ur own family n keep them happy
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    How to know if your record is sealed?

    ok. if you were under 18 years old at the time of the crime. you can go to court and as it to be sealed, which will prob go to court and just pay a bit of money. BUT it only means that the public will not be able to find it, such as trying to get a job, they won't know you had a record. but the...
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    How to Make Quick $$$$ need help...

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    NT.. Are these kids gunna do IT.. Please OPEN

    nvm .. edited after readin the rest of the post n op was @^$#@$
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    17 Year Old McDonalds Employee Beat Up By Manager At Work!!! [Video]

    sue the cooperation too
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    Guy gets beatup by a 67 year old man

    what a guy
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    BB guns fights in college dorm. How much trouble can I get into?

    assault with deadly weapon.
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    First time selling something on Craigslist, what should i do to prepare?

    just bring a couple people with you that can throw down
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    Any other NT'ers work at TARGET VOL. RED AND KHAKI CHECKIN IN

    target didnt hire me
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    Security guards gang up on a guy outside Jay-Z's 4040 club vol. DAMN NO MERCY.

    looks like the guy in white started it
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    MAG for PS3 256-player online shooter

    just wanted to make sure everyone knows about this game. ps3 only trailer more info
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