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    The Official Photography Thread - Vol. 3

    Out of these 3 point & shoots, which one is the best? 1. Panasonic Lumix ZS7 2. Sony Cybershot HX5V 3. Nikon S8000 Thanks, brohamsters.
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    *| | Denim _ School | |*

    Looking to get rid of these for cheap.  From The Hundreds first run of selvedge denim. Size 36. Straight fit through the leg, but not baggy. I guess you could compare the fit to Levis 514s. PM me for more info
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    Post pics of HIGH-END DESIGNER SHOES...(pics)

    JoCampbell23  Suggestions for the sizing on the YSL Rolling Hi-Tops?? I wear a sz 12 in Nikes. I'm still upset at myself for not picking up those all black patent YSL hi-tops last time they had 'em up on Saks.
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    Nike Zoom Air sockliners

    You guys sure about the E-Cues?? Cause I just took the insoles out of my jetsetter E-Cues and there was only a heel-Zoom unit... In the pic that dalyte1 posted it showed the E-Cue with a full-lenght Zoom unit. How about the Zoom Tre's?? Those came out after Nike stopped the E-Cue line & I think...
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    the Official Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao thread March 13 2010

    A friend of a friend who works at MGM LV said the fight will be held there. All hearsay though.
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    Post pics of HIGH-END DESIGNER SHOES...(pics)

    This has probably been asked a dozen times before but... I need some YSL sizing help. I wear a 12 in Nikes. Thanks.
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    Did You Guys Like "Cloverfield"???

    You guys serious when yall say yall got sick just by watching it? Aheadache maybe, but yall really felt sick in the stomach?? Ol' weak stomached pansies j/k
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    Anybody know the name of the song that was playing during the scene in the second to last episode when the Sons are on their bikes heading up to Timberland forthe brawl against Weston and his crew? I need it, it got me amped!
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    Official Jersey Shore Thread - All Episodes Online, DVD Release 2/23 (Amazon)

    Check out dude with the white hat in the background. If there's an extended version of this clip I'm sure his reaction would be priceless.
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    *| | Denim _ School | |*

    I'm pretty sure this has been asked before but i'd rather not search for it. How do Nudies fit? There's a relatively new cut they have out that I would wanna look into. I wear a 38 in Levis & Edwins. A bunch of websits say they tagged size is actually smaller than the actual waistband size so...
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    Calling late night Sprint users..

    Waiting til February to get my new phone. Been with Sprint for a long time now and their plans are the best for me & my family. My girl got the Pre when it first dropped & I'm pretty comfortable with the OS so I was leaning towards it. But after reading this, I guess I'm open to 3 options...
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    ^^^Damn, so much for that then lol.
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    Great season! @ Jax dumpin bout half a clip into Weston (can't front though,Weston went about his biz on some G !*@ tho) I really wanted Half-Sack to get patched in. The way they were dropping hints the past couple episodes bout his tenure as prospect pretty much lead us all tobelieve he was...
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    Which body part(s) do you apply cologne?

    Some of you are doing it all wrong. Never spray directly onto your clothes. Cologne reacts with your natural body smell. Spray it onto "hot spots" ofthe body (neck, chest, back). Rubbing cologne "crushes" the scent of it. 2 sprays on each side of the neck & 1 spray in the middle of your...
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