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    The Top Four Things People in Their Twenties Waste Money On

    I'll cosign the last 3, when I had a job I packed my lunch or ate chips or something, I drank at home because the smoking section is everywhere, and I never saw the point of paying $4 for a cup of coffee...but I'll be damned if I'm living with 2 total strangers. Getting roosterblocked on...
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    Twitter CSI

    That's amazing...I find that kind of %!@! fascinating. People really put their whole lives online's like "Vantage Point".
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    Boy Scouts:"We're Keeping Policy Banning Gays"

    Why is your sexual orientation on display in front of small children and/or in a child-based work environment anyway? Hetero, @@%@, little-o-both, whatever. Is it on your application? Is it part of the interview? Do they crank up a variety pack of porn before they hire you and see what gets you...
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    Boy Scouts:"We're Keeping Policy Banning Gays"

    Kinda. I mean, I know I'm not going to beat down the doors of a club that doesn't want me as a member...hey, I'll get over never getting to join the Aryan Nation. They're a private club, and they can employ any policies they want as long as they don't harm anyone...and if not getting a Boulder...
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    corrupt pigs

    speaking of witch have you ever had hotdog shaped burgers??? It is the shhhhh and im no longer reliant on gettin da right bunz Most important thing I learned in this thread. Will implement.
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    Pilar Sanders Vol. She can jump me anytime!

    Nice, but not worth the figurative or literal headache. I don't find scandalous %%%@%+% the end of the day, it's just %$$!+.
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    NT: I need to get my mother to quit smoking, before she gets got. HELP? Let's get YOU to quit too.

    I'm on the Blu...I really only ever smoked cigs to boost up other things, but I tried a Blu disposable back in Feb before the kid dropped...haven't even wanted a real cig since. Hell, they even smell weird to me now. Maybe your mom should consider this, it's all the effect of smoking with none...
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    Computer advancement since the late 90s

    Crazy...some of that %*+! is ON POINT. I'm not sure I'll be comfortable with most of the stuff beyond now...
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    Help me fund my bastard Kickstarter project! (semi-guaranteed prizes involved)

    I want to thank the folk in here (and yeah, in my inbox too) for all the feedback, positive and negative...I made some changes to the project and the thread and I think both are better because of it. Just wanted to say I appreciate it...and bump the thread (why lie, I need a beer).
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    Burrito Vs. Burrito Bowls. Which One Do You Get?

    You people can't operate a burrito? Do you not use the foil that's specifically designed to be gradually peeled away as you eat to control your burrito's release, or do you just not have the fine motor skills? Talking about mess like the %+!%'s timed to explode or something...y'all don't deserve...
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    Burrito Vs. Burrito Bowls. Which One Do You Get?

    Sayin' mean you're going to take away a key ingredient in a dish, then charge me full price for it? First place around here to start offereing cheesesteak bowls or some similar stupid %!$%, I'm organizing a boycott. !#+$ that caloric nonsense too, if you're watching your figure maybe...
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    Help me fund my bastard Kickstarter project! (semi-guaranteed prizes involved)

    That article is actually what made me decide to go the self-pub route...I was waiting around for an agent/publisher like pretty much everybody else with a pen and a dream, but I made a thread on here about it before and another NTer put me on. After reading that and doing a little research, it...
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    NT, Do you use the Upword or Downward Nod when speaking? Vol Old school vs New School

    Upward to known folk, downward to simply acknowledge another human being's presence.
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    Help me fund my bastard Kickstarter project! (semi-guaranteed prizes involved)

    the hell? Was that successful...and if so, what was that presentation like?
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    Help me fund my bastard Kickstarter project! (semi-guaranteed prizes involved)

    Found out copying/pasting the image links works better than the native NT pic hosting...I learned something today.
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