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    OFFICIAL NBA 2K19 Thread | Available Now

    Been stuck on 21 percent for past 30 mins. Anyone else having this problem ? Bought the digital copy on PlayStation network
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    Dallas Peeps Back At It

    Appreciate that boss
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    Dallas Peeps Back At It

    What’s good y’all, moved out here recently from Louisiana. Are there any shoe consignment stores in the DFW area? Oh yea and any recommendations on a chill *** hookah spot to go to whenever one of the female friends come in town?
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    Music Festivals 2017

    Who's going to Camp FlogGnaw in LA this month? I'll be out there with my bros. LA NT Fam, Im trying to hit up some clubs/bars after the fest, where do all the locals turn up? No tourist BS. I need a homegrown LA jawn
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    Music Festivals 2017

    Thanks for the responses fellas. Anyone ever been to governors ball in NYC?
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    Music Festivals 2017

    NT FAM , My homeboys and I agreed on a New Years resolution which is to travel to as many music festivals as possible next year. Our last trip together was to SXSW in Austin,TX which was lit but I wanted to ask my fellow brethren. What music festivals would you reccomend us guys to go to...
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    Black Friday 2K16/Holiday Shopping Thread

    Bought the black super Mario version 3ds for 99 dollar at toys r us. I got home and as I began opening it I'm trying to figure out why my 3ds didn't have characters sketched on it, went ask my bro why mine didn't have the characters sketched on it and he's like " bruh that's an XL. Looked at...
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    Air Jordan 7 X Doernbecher

    Beyond 128686128686128686128686128686128686 The whole collection this year is trash.
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    From New Orleans??? I've got a few questions...

    They don't take their clothes off but it's lit in there . Make sure to get wasted as ****. Not much pop off around here around this time but of course you guys gotta come through Mardi Gras season EDIT: this weekend should be lit thought cause it's the first game of the season. Make sure to get...
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    Keeping quiet when your friends are doing their dirt

    RIGHT! I haven't spoken to that dude in about a year, last I heard of him is he and chick are still together even after he was arrested for domestic violence against her a few months ago
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    Keeping quiet when your friends are doing their dirt

    Kept quiet for my supposed "boy" who was on tinder while in a relationship and 1 nightin chicks until his main chick caught him and he somehow blamed the WHOLE thing on me 128528 without him telling me he blamed it on me. I had no parts of it, I didn't even know he still had a tinder since...
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    Gradient restock on RRS
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    \\ Post Your Car vol. Been a minute //

    Thanks y'all, got any suggestions where/what car I should start looking at?
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    \\ Post Your Car vol. Been a minute //

    Thinking about copping a brand new Mercedes CLA, is it a reliable car and what other alternatives would you suggest for a brand new everyday sedan/coupe? Looking to spend around 30-40k
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