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    Hardest game you ever beat

    "the world's hardest game" http://www.addictinggames...heworldshardestgame.html took me forever and died so many times.
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    Y'all remember this pic?

    thats sooo obviously fake. arent those like shark teeth or something like that just pasted on?
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    Hey fellas... what if...

    umm what if you're not and its 2010 btw... this is pointless
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    NT...Im scared for my life

    LOLLLLLL @ 1:15 his little leg cross thingy. hahahahaha and what the hell is that nasty hair he got goin on?? must think he's in zelda or something....
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    Furnishing your Apartment/Condo/Home

    ^^^ ^^^ nice thread btw
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    DUMB Things You've Seen or Heard Vol. Damn, Are People THAT Dumb?

    chick in one of my classes in hs: my ears are so stuffed, i cant see a thing.
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    NT, tell me about your Euro Girl experiences

    ^^^^ that ^^^^
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    What internet browser do you use?

    chrome ftw
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    White girls thinking there hood unappreciation

    i knew a "whitewashed" black chick from chicago from school last year. always actin like she was white and blonde, scared to be seen with other blackppl, talkin bout her tan all the time....
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    my collection....tell me wat you think

    sweet! if i cud say 1 thing, maybe try n take better care of them? 3s 4s and spizikes seem pretty beat...
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    Yeezy Dunk PS's!

    #2 & #3: me likey
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    Are Hot Pics of Chicks Artistic?

    ehhh... im gonna try n say its art if u do it cuz u have a specific concept in mind and u think itll look cool visually. if ur doin it just to give boners orjust for the $%^& of havin a pic of shoes and a naked chick, then its not art. like that third pic of the chick with the white/red IVs is...
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    Carbon Fiber Dunk Recon by JBF

    how do u stitch it all back together? do u have a machine or do it by hand...? what tools/utensils does doing that require?
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