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    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Movie (Reboot Announced)

    It's hard to develop five characters' background in that short of a time But if they didn't do it, they might as well just had straight morphed action scenes throughout. Because as an audience i want to get that emotional connection with the characters. And did i miss the part where Zack...
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    Your Next Vacation Destination.....?

    Here's a couple photos from Italy. Amalfi Coast: Venice: Porto Venere:
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    Millennials have a decreasing sense of commitment to their employer/organization

    The Washington Post article is about millennials leaking government secrets, but within the article it brings up the point that Millennials are less attached to the organization which they are employed by. Washington Post Article The days of staying with one company your whole life are fading...
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    The NBA desperately needs a better development league and have players stay longer in college to develop Not enough depth in the roster. There's too much of a talent gap between the bench players and the starters
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    This Footy Thread is Now Closed, New Thread Link on Last page

    Why did they do the trophy presentation on the pitch instead of the usual upper bowl area. Where everyone has to walk multiple steps to get up there
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    How important is saving up for a house to you right now?

    That's the big choice isn't it. How much longer are you going to delay getting that piece of real estate. Something like traveling the world takes a good chunk out of your bank account Where that amount could go towards your down payment and your mortgage. It's a personal decision. What's...
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    How important is saving up for a house to you right now?

    Considering how much buying a house cost nowadays in most major cities Philosophically, how important is it to you to save up a large chunk of funds to purchase that piece of real estate. I bring up real estate because that is the largest chunk of most people's asset worth. I see people in...
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    Do you swear on your first date?

    I'm really buzzed on some white wine right now, that's my excuse for starting this thread But I know I'll let that "you're *expletive* hot right now" when I'm druknk.
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    Do you swear on your first date?

    Just naturally i drop the "you're *expletive* hot/cute, as a compliment Do you swear on your 1st date. Or do you wait for your partner to do it first and then you know it's okay to do your thing.
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    How much cash do you carry when travelling abroad

    Italy Is it possible to know which ATMs don't charge withdrawal fees. Before you get to the ATM you'd think there would be an app for that
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    How much cash do you carry when travelling abroad

    In 2017, more and more places accept credit cards. When you're travelling abroad, are you worried about pick-pocketters. Or perhaps get assaulted and robbed. That's one of the risks you take when you carry large sums of cash. However, if you carry around your debit card... you run the risk...
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    Have you stayed in a hostel?

    Domestically, i wouldn't go with hostels. But when you're traveling by yourself in say Europe. Hostels are great in general to meet other people doing the same thing as you are. I've been reading that bed bugs are fairly prevalent. You could wake up with itchy spots all over your body
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    Have you stayed in a hostel?

    Hostels seems like a great place to stay when you're either traveling alone or just with a couple people Unlike hotels where you have your own private room. Did you ever have any security issues with your belongings because you're sharing a room with many other people in a hostel. I know most...
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