10 Signs You Might Be A Douche

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I probably only fall in number 8 but its safe to say most of us do and I know most of the west coasters fall in number 6 lol.

The sad reality of life is that most douchebags do not realize that they are douchebags. It’s true. You might be a %++$+%+!% and not even know it. In fact, the chances of that are pretty good. (Lack of self-awareness is another major %++$+%+!% feature.) So to help you clear things up, here are 10 signs that you just might be a %++$+%+!%…

1. You Wear a Suit When You Don’t Have To

A popular one with the “I pretend to have a better life than I actually do
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Originally Posted by JayHood23

None of these seem anywhere close to douche bag tendencies though


I fall in 2,6 and maybe 1 if you count a dress shirt sometimes. I also don't understand what's wrong with art history because that's easy credits

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none of these really make me say "yeah, nailed it", so this article sucks. And these autoplay sound ads gotta go.

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The suit thing is on point, but it definitely gets trumped by men and women that wear beanies, especially these in the summer.

I saw a girl in a cardigan, a droopy beanie and tights on 90 degree day.
I just stared at her for a minute and contemplated her discomfort.
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Worst list in the history of list. Some sites need to stop trying to be like others. Some do it right and others obviously do not.
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Only a couple of the things on the list make you a douche in my opinion. The beanie thing and the over dressing all the time thing.
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