Air Jordan xxxiv first info

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I hate this cheesy teasin' ****...

...why can't they just drop the damn picture of the shoe? :stoneface:

Doin' the same dumb **** as the 33 - nobody even knew they came out or what the hell they even were...
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Would price them out for me for sure.

I like those auto lace shoes they've done but....out of my price range.
Yeah, I don't see them increasing the price of Jordans to an Adapt price-point. The Adapt Huarache is supposed to be $350. So in theory what would that put a pair of Adapt Jordans at $400?
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I can see these having the FF system or auto lacing. Not sure if the hole in the midsole hints at auto or if the shoes have FF and they purposely have a hole. Either way I’m intrigued! Hope for NA on the back! If these release the 25th that’s pretty quick after a reveal event. The reveal-then-release-period seems to be getting shorter and shorter. Not a bad thing!
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