Jul 16, 2006
just tryin to meet other shoeheads from austin. i probably seen some of you guys around already
<--- Lives in Austin. We need to do another San An/Austin summit ...
Go See ATL For One Reason....Lauren London. Yezzir!
Tell me when and where and I'll call the locals from S.A. and how about including the heads from C.C.,etc...
I'll be there after the 23rd. 8)

Dear ATX, will keep you guys posted on the show next year and something in your area as well. It's all hush hush. But I want this to be a collabartive affair with some input from you guys as well. You can either pm me or Ucasta. Also, I want to show that Central and S.TX can hold it down with our own style so as we can set ourselves apart for the LA/NY wannabe H-towners or Dallas heads.(gosh I hope I didn't offend any transplants) Peace y'all. Fred :D

"Where'd you get those?"-Bobbito Garcia
I live in Corpus Chrisi but would love to come to S.A./Austin for a summit. Just let me know when and where.
Tried to set one up, ATX doesn't seem interested. We (San Anton) tried. Peace
"Where'd you get those?"-Bobbito Garcia
Yeah, we went to motive this past weekend and the only person that showed was another NTer from SA. Thanks to Fahad for the hospitality.
I ended up not being able to go to Motive. Man, I swear I will make to a get together one day ...
ATX, Vintage Sneakerhead (were talking old school Penny 2 6th grade edition and every major release til 2001). Left the game because nothing was left to keep me going, coming back cus I saw PennyPosites are coming back and cus I'm praying for old adidas EQT and the original jumpans to come back out.
WHATS going on ATX im not from ATX but im always trying 2 meat other sneaker heads az well im from SAN ANTONIO but always down 4 a drive so yall set a place and time and im sure da rest of da team is down 4 a drive so that we can all meat......TEAM ACK
T21D mentioned something about November 12th in the San Antonio thread and UT is at K-State that weekend, so (hopefully) I can make the drive down. Seems like this San Antonio crew is doing it right....Smooth
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Yeah we encourage you fellow ATXers to go to our meetups. So keep the Sunday November 12 date in mind. We are actually thinking of doing the next one off of 35 (probably at Buffalo Wild Wings), so it wouldn't be as long as a drive for you guys. If you havn't already check out the SA thread to see pics from our last couple of meetings. Myself or T21D will continue to keep the austin crowd informed. peace. ---aaron
Also, a small of contingent of us will be heading out to "Just for Kicks" viewing this coming Thrs.,Oct 26 at the Alamo Drafthouse. Motive807 has more detailed info because this is an RSVP event via This sounds like a fun event because 1.We'l be there :smh:
,2.All the heads will be coming out of the woodwork, and last but not least, 3. It's freakin FREE! Peace and may your sneakers not crease.
"Where'd you get those?"-Bobbito Garcia​
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