Dealing with the death of a pet

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My cat of 11 years died yesterday, long story short I came home from work, he was breathing rapidly like he was struggling to breath and I knew something was wrong. We took him to an urgent care clinic where he started breathing even more funny and they did some tests and found out he has a rare form of feline cancer. I told the doctor that I want to put him to sleep, I didn't want him to suffer with a terminal illness. I spent my list minute with him but he was breathing so badly that I told the doc I'm ready for him to go, I couldn't stand seeing him like that. It's so hard to deal with his death and I've found myself sobbing out of nowhere; and I have to go to work today. We found him off the street in 02 and he has been home with me ever since. Does anyone have any tips during this difficult time? I would really appreciate it.

 Rip Kitson


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Sorry to hear that man. I lost a few cats over the years and it sucked each time. Wait a minute and then find another cat.
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Sorry to hear bro.

For what it's worth though, you put his feelings before yours, which a lot of pet owners struggle to do because they can't deal with the heart break. So many times I hear stories where the owner can't let go, even out of love and with the best intentions, it isn't fair to keep an animal suffering like that.

I lost my cat a few years back, I know it's tough but keep ya head up.
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Lost my dog about a month ago. We had him for 14 years. I wasn't at home when he passed away, but just hearing my mom describe his last moments made me cry like a baby. At least he died peacefully. I'm happy everytime I think about how good of a dog he was. Sorry to hear about your cat, OP.
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RIP Kitson.

My dog was breathing funny last night i was about to take him to the emergency just to be safe but after he had a drink of water he was fine. Scared the jesus out of me. Ever since he hurt his back a month ago ive been so protective of him. Im terrified of the thought of losing him, as corny as it is hes my bestfriend. Hang in there :frown:.
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Not that serious to me... We usualy give it to a friend of the family who eats dogs/cats.... So we just go buy a replacement


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Sorry to hear that OP. When the times right and your ready find another cat. At this animal shelter I used to volunteer at a lot of cat owners who lost their pets when out to explore buying a new pet. Give it time
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R.I.P Kitson

:smh: @ the clowns who always have to troll threads like this.

Keep your head up OP and find solace in knowing Kitson is no longer suffering.
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Sorry to hear that man, RIP Kitson. I already know I'm gonna be bummed as hell whenever my dog passes. My friend just lost her cat a couple weeks ago and she had it forever, she was tore up.
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So sorry for your loss man.  There's no cure other than time.  You can take solace in the fact that you rescued him off the street and gave him 11 great years that he wouldn't have had otherwise.  In time, hopefully you'll be able to rescue another animal and give them a great life as well.
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Never had a pet of my own until now, prior to my Max it was my moms pets and about 7 years ago we had to put my moms 10 year old poodle to sleep due to CHF, it was a very sad moment, I kept strong, but my mother who is a strong woman to say the least was uncontrollably broken and that's what broke me after....she waited a year and ended up getting 2 poodles which are with her's inevitable to go through this as a pet owner, since their life expectancy is not that long, as with any other loved one, you grieve cry if you must and you eventually have to move on, sorry for your loss.
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I know what you're going through...Luckily for me, I already knew my dog was getting pretty old and it will soon be time to say goodbye...I prepped myself for the last 6-12 months for this time...We eventualy had to put her down due to kidney failure among other things. She was already pretty deaf, and her joints wern't as strong. When we first moved into our neighborhood, we noticed every house has a custom mailbox, and we got ours custom made to look like our dog :lol:...Lucy our dog, would stay out in front watch everyone and the cars pass by, and she didn't even chase after cats because she knew damn well not to leave the grass area...needless to say, when she passed, we put some flowers and her toys out by the mailbox. We had a lot of people knocking on our door telling us how they will miss her and what not. It was really nice of our neighbors to do that.
View media item 438084She was 15 years old. I took this picture about 1-2 months before we put her down

On top of that, back in January we had to put our cat down of 18 years due to same complications...A year ago our cockatiel died of 22 years. It was pretty rough with all these passings within a year :smh:...

but yeah man, time is the only medicine for this kind of stuff..stay strong
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1) You watch videos like these:

2) Try not to cry

3) Cry a lot

That's so sad man.

Reason why Marley and Me is probably one of my all time favorite films, I watched that movie expecting some mindless comedy about a dog, found my self weeping and hugging my dog harder than ever at the end, that movie was so powerful and real.

Some great quotes that define the loyalty and love of a dog.
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So sorry for your loss man.  There's no cure other than time.  You can take solace in the fact that you rescued him off the street and gave him 11 great years that he wouldn't have had otherwise.  In time, hopefully you'll be able to rescue another animal and give them a great life as well.
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RIP to Kitson.

my cat Jellico has been with me for about 16 years and she is starting to have health problems.

i dread the day i have to say goodbye. :frown:
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