From the horse's mouth that money doesn't bring happiness

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That is one horse. There are plenty other horses that don't agree with what that article says
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Interesting... I've always believed that no matter where you are in life - poor people have poor people problems and rich people have rich people problems. 

However someone once told me "Money doesn't buy happiness, but it can buy you a jetski... have you ever seen anyone not happy on a jetski" lol


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He says because when he had less money, he knew exactly what to spend it on, and had no responsibilities.

Now that he has a ton, the responsibility of spending the money right, is what that is making him relatively unhappier.

Wow, what a burden :rolleyes :lol:
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If Jack Ma will be happier if he wasn't ultra wealthy he can always kick back that money to the shareholders of his company. God knows we need the help after the beating BABA has taken in the last few months.
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Lulz I bet homie won't trade my probs for his though. I get what he's saying but you not gonna convince anyone being a billionaire is just soooo daunting.
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What if you own a Ranch? Then you have options of stories you can listen to.
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Sell your stocks, stake, or whatever you want to call it, and cash out with a cool $10 mil, and live off of the land. I get what he's saying but billionaires who continue to work and cut business corners forcing downsizing and shift in the labor forces affecting thousands are just greedy bastards in my book.

Billionaires tend to work for fun, for a challenge. They don't see it as real life situations affecting real people. They get bored doing nothing I suppose so they have to continue to feel important.. I'd be ghost status if I ever made enough to where I could live off of interest or dividends alone.
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So, his reasoning is he feels pressured to spend more? :stoneface: FOH.
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These ceo's say **** like this but take away our pensions and bonuses and waged while they get crazy raises and bonuses and still have pensions
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**** if I was a billionaire I'd by a big *** airport garage and buy a **** load of old cars and restore em all day

Race em sell em build racing engines maybe a mobile suit on some tony stark ****

Let's trade lifestyles :pimp:


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If money is your biggest problem u ain't in a terrible place
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For every story that says money isn't everything, there's one that says the opposite. It's all on what you place your importance on as an individual and whether or not you're able to supply yourself with what makes you happy long term.

If you just like chasing women and you have no problem acquiring new yambs on the reg with a bike and studio apartment, then you'll probably be happy rich or poor. If you place a higher importance on family and your average job allows you to spend the maximum amount of time with your family while providing for them, then you'll be happy. If you like the finer things in life and that's your source of happines... well pursue the money nonstop.

There's no one size fits all in life.
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That is one horse. There are plenty other horses that don't agree with what that article says

Word to da homie A-Pharaoh.

But in all seriousness, I believe it when people say money can't buy you love.

Sure it can help you in your personal growth, you can buy yourself into a prestigious university, you can travel and experience anything you want to.

You can get you a personal trainer, learn 10 languages, be an expert pianist and a connoisseur of fine arts.

But you cannot buy love.

Rich or poor, finding the one is not a guarantee in this life but at least if you're poor or middle class, chances are she's with you because she sincerely digs you.

I imagine being wealthy could potentially complicate things.

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