March's JB News - add missing Team Jordan shoes pics!

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Dec 8, 1999
If you have saved the pictures which appear as red Xs in this thread, please send them to or post them in this thread so that we can upload them to our server - thanks in advance.

Check the Archives for February's Jordan Brand News.

Barring another comeback, the biggest news of March is and will be the release of the Team Jordan exclusive XIIs to various retailers throughout the country.

Here is what I've learned from a gracious friend at Jordan brand, whom shall remain anonymous:

First and foremost, Jordan brand assumes all responsibility for this unfortunate occurrence. Though the sale of these heretofore exclusive shoes to public retail stores was wholly accidental - it is the result of an unforeseen circumstance that SHOULD have been resolved prior to this launch.

Here's what happened:

This product was housed in's warehouse, as one might reasonably expect. After a product runs its course on, the warehouse may still hold returned or unsold merchandise. Unless these products have been marked 'defective,' they automatically attempt to find another home for these products by enabling other stores around the country to place orders for this remaining inventory.

In an attempt to ensure that as many Team Jordan members as possible could purchase the size of their choice, Jordan brand produced more sneakers than packages. Knowing that leftovers would exist, they decided to allocate these products to areas that were entirely unable to purchase this product during its initial offering. Stores in Canada and Mexico were the intended recipients of these leftover XIIs.

However, even though these products were set aside - because they were not labeled as defective they were still available during a very brief interval to any store that wished to order them. Buyers working for stores such as these are often charged to check the inventory regularly, and as a result, various stores were able to scoop up the shoes for themselves.

Since this type of exclusive launch had not been previously attempted through, the method in which inventory is processed in this particular warehouse had not been geared for an exclusive product of this nature. It is, after all, counterintuitive for warehouse staff to mark inbound Retro XIIs as 'defective' for inventory control purposes when they are, by objective standards, satisfactory products. This, of course, is no excuse. While unintended and unforeseen, this error is no doubt unacceptable. These products were clearly marketed as exclusives, and unfortunately as a result of this incident - they did not live up to this billing.

Jordan brand absolutely owes everyone who participated in the Retro XII exclusive an apology. However, by no means was this an intentional breach of our trust. Even the purest cynics among us must recognize, YOUR trust is worth FAR more to Jordan brand than the sale of a few leftover shoes. Anyone who is business minded would agree, you run a reputable business by selling TO your customers, not selling OUT your customers. To assume that Jordan brand intended for this to happen would be irrational and I can tell you, after talking this over with a respected, high-level Jordan brand employee - the release of these products to public retail stores was, in no uncertain terms, simply a terrible accident. As you would expect, Jordan brand is both embarrassed and extremely contrite.

You have every right to be angry, and you have every right to be upset.
If, as a result of this incident, you wish to return your Retro XII packages - it is undeniably your right to do so.

Whenever Michael Jordan made a mistake on the basketball court - he was the first person to admit it. MJ made no excuses.
When his team fell short, he owned up and accepted complete responsibility. As those who followed his incredible career know, MJ used these failures to stoke his competitive fire. Out of sheer will, the hardest working athlete drove himself to work even harder.

I fully expect Jordan's brand to follow his example. I expect that you will see Jordan brand own up and accept full responsibility, and I expect that each and every person on that team will work harder than ever to regain our trust and renew the expectations we've built for Jordan brand - to redefine what it means to be the best.

Updated March 10th.

On to some more uplifting news...

We have some new product images to share with you. These pictures first appeared on NikeTalk in this post by BeatMagic.

Here's the black Air Jordan XIX low. They are $115 and are set for release on 8/7. This is the picture:

Here the picture:

Here's the official picture of the upcoming Air Jordan XIX in the classic black/red colorway. Release date is the 8th May, and the price will be $165.

Next up, we have this interesting looking shoe. I don't have the latest product catalog, so if someone would be kind enough to share the name of this shoe with us - I'll be able to include it in the next update.


Finally, Footlocker fans will be happy to learn that retro Jordan products will be making a triumphant return to the chain, beginning August 21, when the Olympic Retro VIIs are released. This news was first broken in this post by jmadidas2001.

Updated March 26th

We have plenty of exciting pictures for your perusal in this update. Let's start off with some images of upcoming products courtesy of Release dates and prices may be found in the Release Date Post.


Air Jordan VII Olympic


Jordan XIX SE


Someone will have to fill me in on the name of this Jordan Boot, along with the official particulars on price and release.

Next up we have a selection of images from the upcoming holiday season and beyond. These images come to us courtesy of this post by Fear23. The Air Jordan II image comes to us courtesy of dunklow27.

Here's the next Jordan Team shoe:


The Jumpman Status:




The Team Elite II:

The Jumpman Team:

A new color of the Air Jordan II Low:

The Jumpman Game Changer:

These images come to us from

This is the Black/Gold version of the XIX SE. Expect it on Nov. 13th for $165.

This is the Jordan 1.5, which will be Carmelo Anthony's signature shoe next season. It's set to drop on 11/26. The price will be $120.


Some more pictures from above shoes from user dunklow27:


Now for the white/black/taxi XII lows. Apparently JB has decided to redesign these slightly. Pictures are courtesy of















Here are some pictures from the upcoming Air Jordan XIII retros: Black/red and white/wheat. Could somebody check the exact release dates on these? The price should be $150, as the originals were. The white/wheat ones are supposed to be "limited". Pictures are courtesy of and once again dunklow27:





And for the last picture for this month: The white/blue Air Jordan II low retros. Please update me for a release date and a price, maybe of other colorways, too.

More news to come, so stay with us.

Mar 24, 2003
Fair explanation....there's no "un-doing" a situation like this so you just have to take it for what it is. They weren't released on a large scale so most stores will never see them. I'm satisfied...thanks for these updates!
Oct 2, 2003
I understand mistakes happen. I got my package in December and I have no complaints. I'm in Phoenix and they are not in stores here anyway, but if they were I still wouldn't be upset. I just hope the homies in Canada get a chance to get some Nubucks.

Also glad the lows are $115 I thought I saw them for $165 earlier.
Phoenix NT'ers hit me up



Apr 21, 2001
Meth- that White/Red team shoe is called the "Jordan Sizzle"...
May 22, 2003
Well at least now there's a explanation for what happened. Now all the people that say that JB lies to customers or that JB did it on purpose can look at it another way. Hopefully JB comes up with a more sophisticated system for dealing with exclusive sales through their website so something like this won't happen again.
Mar 10, 2004
im in part of every one who said it was not fair they sold it to mom and pops store. I may not have a pair but i agree with everyone who complained waste of money and time but every is settle and i think we can all trust jb. IS the melo 2's are suppose to be limited edition
Dec 23, 2003
Sounds like a stroke job.Jordan brand is full of crap.The person who told you the information did not even want there name to be put out there.If nike really felt sorry I am sure some kind of notice would be put out with a name from someone offical.If not out here at least on Nike jordan/brand don't really care about us they just want the money.Anyways the low 18's look dope.Much better then I thought.Let's see if heads will say there limited :smile:
The team jordan look like garbage like always.
Mar 10, 2004
For this mistake u never know...maybe they'll give us the Grape V package we have been askin 4
When I come back like Jordan, wearin the 4-5
It ain't to play games witchu-Jay-z
Dec 23, 2003
^^^^That will make up for everything right? <<< WRONG>>>> Nike should give us back the difference for the hoody and hat.
Dec 6, 2001
This, of course, is no excuse. While unintended and unforeseen, this error is no doubt unacceptable. These products were clearly marketed as exclusives, and unfortunately as a result of this incident - they did not live up to this billing.


Why arent these being recalled with the sensitivity of the LeBron James All Star Jerseys that were shipped out before he made the all star team???

Whenever Michael Jordan made a mistake on the basketball court - he was the first person to admit it. MJ made no excuses. When his team fell short, he owned up and accepted complete responsibility. As those who followed his incredible career know, MJ used these failures to stoke his competitive fire. Out of sheer will, the hardest working athlete drove himself to work even harder.

The owning up part is over. You admitted your wrongs behind the sheild of a NikeTalk Mod.
Now, what are they driving themselves to do in order to make it up to the buyers of the original package???

We accidently screwed you, the thousands upon thousands of our utmost loyal fans.........umm sorry.
email: ebay: beverb95 (17) [/b]
Feb 27, 2003
yeah we do need a public apology. i hope that jordan brand will send an email out to all members who purchased the nubuck package, throuroughy explaining and apologizing for the whole incident and what went wrong with it. the actual care and concern of sending an email would be the first step in regaining our trust. i know i would appriciate it since i spent the extra money to buy the "unavoidable" package only to find out some months later that it is in retail stores.

just my two cents
Jan 10, 2000

Ironically no one forces you to buy the Nubuck package. If you like the shoes you should buy them. PERIOD end of story. If you bought them only because they were exclusive then whats the point? If you wanted the refund for the hoody and hat you can sell them on Ebay right now for a total of $50-$60. This is the same as you buying the shoe from a mom and pop store and having it shipped to you.

Also why should the person giving Meth the info reveal his name? That would be career suicide. Would a person who leaked information out of the White House reveal his name? If you want you money back for the hoody and hat then just sell them. If you want a total refund I'm sure Nike will pay for you to return your package.

I think it's stupid that some of the NTer's just bought the package cause they thought it was exclusive. If you like the shoe, then buy it. It's also not like Jordan Brand released 100,000 extra pairs out into the world.
I'm tired of people thinking they are "owed" something. If you think Nike sucks then stop buying their product. If you think they lie to you stop buying their product. But don't cry and complain about the item while you keep purchasing it. That's totally hypocritical. You control what you buy, not Nike. It's not like they forced you to buy it. If you want to file a complaint with the BBB then go ahead. To sit here and complain about it is stupid. It's pointless. Are you jealous that someone got the package for cheaper without the hoody? You got the package 3 months early. Does that count for anything?
Dec 23, 2003
I agree with flipkicks. But it's not gonna happan.I mean I am not gonna stop buying jordans because of this screw up.If you really think jordan brand/nike or even michael jordan himself really give a damn about us loyal sneaker buyers your only fooling yourself.
Jun 14, 2003
i hope jb decides to compensate all those that ordered the package somehow. at the very very very least they better send an apology email to every team jordan member, because there are defintely people who ordered that will not see this "apology" here on NT

i also think its funny how jb was not prepared before, during, or after the sale of the nubucks...that makes a company look PRETTY bad
Jan 10, 2000
On a side note how many buyers saw it in a store locally? As far as I can tell it hit only a few spots and sold out quickly. How does that affect you? If it hit NY and you live in Idaho, could you have found someone to pick it up for you? It sour grapes. We should be happy people who could not pick it up or missed outr have picked it up cheaper rather than hating on Jordan Brand for "lying" to us.

Would you rather Jordan not have released the Nubucks at all? I for one am happy with my 3 pairs @ $200. I could care less about mom and pops getting them for $135 since I would have to wait in line and also risk not getting my size.

It's the same as you buying a Niketown exclusive shoe @ NT for $100 and then seeing it hit the outlets 3 months later.

#1) You can take the risk of it hitting your local outlet and you picking up your size for cheaper


#2) You can buy it for full price, floss it early and miss out on the outlet price.

If you bought it to invest in then you surely did not think you would sell 3 months later. You are still going to hold onto it for 3 years and see what the market is for it.

If you bought it to wear then this doesn't really affect you. You still got to wear it early and have people ask you where you got it from.

It's really silly to see people arguing about how Jordan Brand screwed them. It's not like the package was not worth $200. It included a pair of shoes, fleece, and hat. Most people including myself do not like the fleece and hat. But at least you got something tangible for the extra $50 you paid.
Mar 10, 2004
is jb run by a bunch of idiots? first they cant get the website to launch correctly and now they dont have a clue as to whats in own warehouse.

i take this with a grain of salt. and why dont you give the people who purchased the package a refund on the stupid hat and hoody that no one wanted.
Dec 23, 2003
Whoever wrote my name in the top of your heading I did not even read your post.But here is my answer why I Brought them. You know why I brought the jordan package not because it was being exclusive but because I love jordans.If the same colorway was a general release believe me I would have brought it.But the reason I did make a big deal was for the crappy hat and hood that I HAD buy AND DO NOT USE.For the extra $65.00 I could have used it for something else or another pair of nikes.Plus I am not gonna be one of the guys to send the package because I love the colorway. Even thought I wish I could ONLY get my money back for the hat and hoody.Why did they have to do this to us.Nike/jordan brand don't have enought money from us. So a few months later we have to see it cheaper even at rape prices it was less then the package at some spots.I would rather the extra pairs hit niketown's then a local stores that charge more then retail on jordans.It's not right.So again exclusive or not I would have picked up a pair.Nike did not have to do this. I am sure others out here feel the same way I do.

Methodical Management

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Dec 8, 1999
You admitted your wrongs behind the sheild of a NikeTalk Mod.

I think some of you are more than a little misguided.

I don't cut and paste a response on behalf of Jordan brand. Those are my own words.

There's been a frenzied reaction to this incident on NikeTalk, and naturally I took it upon myself to learn whatever I could and share that information with my fellow NikeTalk members. I had a conversation with a friend about this last night, and that person was kind enough to share the details behind this incident shortly after learning these details themselves. I chose to omit that person's name for a variety of reasons, but none of those reasons involve this person's reticence to accept responsibility.

Jordan brand themselves just recently discovered the cause of this problem, and they are crafting the official response themselves, conceivably as you read this. This post is acting like we compose the entire sneaker buying community. We are only a tiny segment of sneaker fans worldwide, and NikeTalk members represent only a portion of those affected by this incident. When Jordan brand deals with this situation, trust that they're not going to select an unauthorized fan site to broadcast their response.

Again, this post is NOT in ANY way Jordan brand's official response to this situation.

An official response will absolutely take place at some point within the not too distant future. When it happens, you will know about it.

I didn't post this information on Jordan's behalf - I posted it on YOUR behalf.

I simply wanted to present the cause of this problem to all of you as quickly as possible, because I know how confused and frustrated many of you are with this issue. You are misdirecting your venom if you choose to vent your anger toward those who've thought enough of you to go well out of their way to share this information with you FIRST.

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