Not close to blood family?

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anyone just not close to their family? Like parents, siblings, etc. for whatever reason? I know it varies between cultures and such but anyone just not too close to them?
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I'm not close with my parents at all. I'm friends with my little sister but I wouldn't say we're close. :\


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Not close with fam as I used to an outcast n I hate it but it is what it is no.more whining from me
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Not close with parents or my brother..Brother hates me cause I had the "nerve" to ask for my 170 bucks back after a year..My parents treat my son way different than my brothers 3 kids..There aint a person in my family that can treat my son like he's "less than" the other kids and not have me take a stand..But I feel like it's there loss and I don't really care if I have contact with any of 'em..
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After my brothers got married, I feel as though we are not as close anymore (combined with the fact that they both live 4+ hours away).

Besides that, I'm not close with any of my cousins.
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I'm not close with my parents at all. I'm friends with my little sister but I wouldn't say we're close. :\
:lol: That you said you're friends with your little sister.

My brother used to tell me all the time "I'm not your friend, I'm your brother" :lol: Obviously he was joking but it was funny


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3 half brothers and a half sister. I don't speak to/know any of them. Not at all close to my pops. Just me and moms. That's how it's always been. I'm cool with that.
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haven't spoken to my brother or my adopted siblings in months. speak to my mother maybe once a month. it is what it is.

my dad didnt speak to his brother for almost 7 years until i reached out and got them to talk. i think it was because my uncle hated  when my dad got back with my mother.
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Two half brothers and two half sisters I have no relationship with. Don't speak to my pops either (separated from my mother long ago). Very close to my mother, and mad cool with my bro (now we are both married) although it wasn't always that way. Having family to lean on is a beautiful thing.
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My younger brother (2.5 years younger) never got along growing up and never wanted anything to do with eachother... but ever since i left home for college, and finished we have become great friends. :smokin


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Close to my brothes and my little sister (even if I don't see her as oftenly as I would like to)

Close to my parents too.

When you go beyond that (uncle, aunts, cousin, etc.) depends wich one.
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It's taken a conscious effort, but I can say now that I'm close with my family. We're not affectionate at all with one another, but there is an unconditional love.

Honestly bros, it's worth it to try. Holding grudges against your own blood is cancer.
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I'm close with my immediates (mom, dad, sis), but I never had the big network of cousins, aunts, uncles, play cousins, family friends, etc. to be close to. I grw up mostly without them, and never really cared, I guess. It's all good...less people to break off when I'm rich.

Blood relatives are mostly overrated.
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me and my brother fight nonstop but at the end of the day we know we love eachother.
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Mom's side - Only a handful I cousins I keep in contact with. Don't even know much of the new crop of kids popping out. Family is growing, hard to keep up. Doesn't help that I refuse to get on Facebook, :lol:.

Dad's side - I'm good with my 1/2 brother and sister (don't refer to them as that), talk via text constantly. Also text back and forth with one of my cousins. On another note, just found out that one of my cousins that I hung out with occasionally as kids but haven't talked to in about 12 years has stage IV Colon Cancer. Floored me, big part of it being that we're the same age.

Crazy how life pulls people apart, even fam bam.


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Estranged from my whole family. There is one set of aunt, uncle, and cousins I would talk to but don't have their contact info
and its not immediately pressing to get it.

The only thing that bothers me is having to explain it, especially if it's a date, or a new friend, coworker, etc.
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Not close to any of my dads side of the family. Some of them come off as snobs.


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Only have 1 brother..not close to him at all
Same her.

My older brother, don't chill with me at all, he barely even talks to me, and Im 1 cool dude,lol. He's almost 40 and im 23. He has a son that's 21 and we talk but we aint that close either, Besides that fact that he's an idiot. I mean I don't know ANYTHING about my older brother, whether he's been in fights, his life growing up, wild parties, how many girls he's smashed, lol, the wildest things he's done. I KNOW NOTHING. Oh well im not gonna sweat it. Yes we both we raised by the same parents, but he left the house soon after I was born, so we didnt grow up living together, he was peaking manhood. He does have some nice cars and a nice house and great job. I guess he can't show a brotha the ropes "Kanye Shrugs"

IDK what it is, we just dont communicate at all.

If I had a lil brother he would be my best friend. real talk.

Oh well life goes on.
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I'm not close with my parents.
And I'm not close with my older siblings because they're 6+ years older and act like they're my parents.

We're cool, but I wouldn't go to them for any life advice.
I feel like as the youngest, I'm separated from everyone.
Iunno, it's weird.
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Cool with all my fam chill with my brother at least weekly kick it with my cousins all the time too i dont have a bunch of friends mostly kick it with fam do have an aunt that gets on my ******g nerves tho.
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