NT, What Beer Do You Drink?

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Im still a sucker for labels, and this brewery definitely caught my attention. Central texas, Austin in particular, has a pretty wack IPA scene. So I’m stuck visiting total wines trying to find interesting things on the shelf. If anyone has some decent suggestions for places that ship let me know.

austin has some legit ipa's breweries

st. elmo
southern heights

spindletap from houston usually ships stuff out there as well. i believe total wine has them
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Didn't get the BCBS email from Jewel this year. Not totally bothered. They have last year and 2019 still sitting on shelves.

I'll be cracking open some 2018 and 2019's this year at Thanksgiving and Christmas.
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Yeah i usually just grab regular nowadays unless it’s a variant I’m really interested in. Three bottles (1 to drink immediately, 1 to drink next thanksgiving and 1 to save for a vertical)

$30-40 for a stout is no bueno. Would rather just buy an actual bottle of bourbon
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Right there with you.

My system is buy a 15 pack of Founders/SN/Firestone etc.. anything ~4-5%. that's the the go to filler beer for certain days/times as I don't drink Mon-Weds.

Bottleshop visit every 4-6 weeks and spend $40-50 get 8-10 pints. 1-2x pints per week for Fri/Sat evening, works out pretty well.
Typically my drinking starts thirsty Thursday and ends at the end of the weekend as well

I’ll occasionally grab a filler beer but when I grab 4 packs of cans almost every time I split it with someone

often times I’ll offer one of the two cans I’m left with to someone else if I’m not thrilled by it
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Update: so far I've had the OG and the cherry wood variants since purchasing. OG is as good as it's always been. No surprise there, but also no real discernible difference from other batches. Just an exceptionally good mass-distributed barrel-aged stout.

Cherry wood was a notch below for me. Slightly higher on the dark fruit notes and less on the bourbon/vanilla/toasted coconut flavors that I find to be the big draw of the base beer. Still a great stout, just not as great as the original.

My hopes aren't high for the cola variant and I'm reading Brand Fourteen is still pretty cinnamon-forward in its present state. Probably gonna wait until Christmas for that one.

They need to stop playing and bring back BCBCS. My first time trying it was the biggest "wow" experience I've ever had with beer.
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Couldn’t bring myself to purchase bottles of the variants this year. Had the cola on tap and it was meh. Fourteen was excellent.

places charging $50-60 for the Blanton’s when…..a bottle of actual Blanton’s cost $60. Can’t do it
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Had the cola Bourbon County variant as a pre-game for tonight. Not as repulsive as I was expecting. A stretch to call it a take on cola, but I honestly never expected them to come close considering how overpoweringly flavorful the original is. Just tastes like a sweeter, candy-ish version of BCBS. One bottle was more than enough.
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Heady is always gonna be praised more given it's the beer that made them iconic, but we all know Focal Banger is the real winner out of the two.

That beer holds up.
Agree. At least how I felt in the past

Like he took an already great beer in Heady and perfected it

Better hop aroma w/ similar balance and body as Heady

I think I'll crack a Heady first for that reason
Joined Aug 23, 2019
Yeah Focal still better. Less muddled, better carb, more pleasant hops

Heady still enjoyable but almost tasted like it would be better in a few days

Happy to have both either way. Hoping to start seeing them regularly but not sure if that's the plan
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