Official Air Jordan 11 Retro "Bred" - The aftermath.... No Buying/Selling/Trading

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Sorry to break it to whoever thinks otherwise, but a DS pair of LEGIT breds are definitely going for $400+ now (key words being DS and legit).

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I remember the week of release, people were trading Stealth Foams for Breds. 2 weeks later, they would get laughed at for even entertaining the idea.
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Just sold my DS pair for $450.

Considering these were restocked like 3-4 times you would think these wouldn't have as high a value as they do. I've been looking for DS Breds and Gammas for $300 or under and haven't had any luck. The two most recent, barring the LB, and still fetching Concord and SJ money.
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I was just wondering how these sites can still operate and marqueesole has been there since 2007. Anyway, I already opened a dispute against them through Paypal. I hope i can still get my money back...
Hope you got your money back. That back shot was awful. The reason they stay in business is because you have people who know nothing about J, s saying legit like the 2 on the page before. Fake as hell never buy from MS
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No way Breds are going for that much lol. I traded my Black Infrared 6s for them

Well if yours is legit and new you can sell it for 400+ dollars too many fakes out there for you to get a legit pair you must find a perfect sellers feedback but it will cost premium price I just looked at a seller I was watching and saw 4 positive feedback on the bred 11 for 450 each and this seller has perfect feedback and he has great history of selling Nike and Jordan shoes since 2007 so these are the ones you should go to get legit shoes but for a premium price.
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Anyone know a reputable spot to get these in size 8? A lot on the bay look suspect and I'm surprised ppl bid on them too.
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Anyone know a reputable spot to get these in size 8? A lot on the bay look suspect and I'm surprised ppl bid on them too.
Your best is to find a reputable seller with no negative as a seller on fakes or shoes not well taken care of then your going to be charged an expensive price on the shoe that's what you have to do from now on to avoid fakes flight club don't trust because they take shoes not well taken care of but riff la is recommended and I would go there to see if they have your size but you would have to pay alot when you find an authentic pair.
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Price for ds pairs .

Locally-fb groups 280-320
Ebay 300-380
Selling to 15 year olds buying their first pair of Jordans 400+

Rep me all , or I will report the whole page .
Well so far that i've known on ebay it's going for 400+ so that's the price for a ds authentic pair. Not only that but i saw a gamma blue used 11 sell for 350 so gammas are starting to get going as well.
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just a few months ago people were talking about how Breds were so obtainable due to all the restocks.. And now the prices skyrocketed. So lucky I got these by trading in my extra pair of black infrared 6s, no cash added


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Damn. U came up kittens. I used to have like 10'pairs of these. Sold them for like 270-300ish. Shoulda kept them until they hit like 400
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