Official Eminem - Relapse Thread - May 19th

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Originally Posted by Master Zik

Exactly why LL won...Canibus' career highlight was something that was so petty to LL.
You either stupid or severely confused. Rap battles are not based on whose album sells more at the end of the day, if that was the case a lot of rappers would lose before the battle even started. According to your flawed logic, D12 defeated Royce cuz they're album sold more or better yet Curtis defeated Game in his rap battle because he sells more AND he gets money from any of his album sales. I mean basically you don't even have to listen to the diss songs to see who wins a rap battle just look at the charts
Imm have to say you're severely stupid if you believe that and that's how you come to your conclusons in a rap battle. In rap battles the diss songs don't matter, just sales.
I guess Prodigy defeated Budden & Saigon cuz his albums sold more.

Son....Read my whole post...Did I not establish that as far as life goes, LL won....All that you're a has been spit Canibus was on made himlook stupid as hell...And I'm sorry, but Second Round KO was overrated as %!#*...Before you get on some blasphemy %$+!...Lets break down the verses.

First Verse:
Blah blah blah you're gay, you did coke once, I read your book and studied you, I know some one who saw you smoke weed, you're hypocritical, you sellbut you don't have talent(
), you battled so and so and nowme, you're a fool for it ..

Second Verse:
Give me my respect, I'll shoot you with a gun, it's about who strikes harder not first, your verse the worst I've heard, Biggie was the bestrapper, I know what beef is because of him, you have more money than me, but you're not as talented as me, let's have a battle, I'll let you gofirst blah blah, now it's my turn, watch me do violent things to you that are extremely random which makes it witty, in front of your kids, your wife willcall Farrakhan for a peace treaty and I will reply saying he started it, he's a has been, I'm a hardcore artist, I run on the beach(
) on or off land(
), your verse was wack, blah blah..

Best lines of the whole song "99 percent of your fans wear high heals" "so when you say you're platinum, you're just givingclues(suggesting he's gay)" then he goes on to say "but you aint got the skills to eat a N's *!# like me"
.....Super suspect....

LL went in on Canibus
"Blast ya fifty pound *!# and make you float
You read it shook N, I wrote the book, N

"Don't hate me cause I'm paid, hate me because
I'm everything you want to be : handsome, young, plus legendary"

"Don't ever open your mouth and mention my seeds
Talk about my book YOU bought to read
You know you watch the sitcom N so stop that
Mad rapper, but now you turned mad actor
Forty-nine pounds and tryin to be a mobster
Run around town with the Bob Marley imposter(Wyclef)
Ask Canibus, he ain't understandin this
Cause ninety-nine percent of his fans, don't exist

"I'm goin underground and blowin your rep down
Next time, save that shh for the Lyricist's Lounge
Or a House Party, where you can battle some clown
On top of all that, I beat your homeless *!# down

"Career be over next year, yeah I said it
Look over your shoulder $%%@$, where you headed

"Who's got solid gold Grammy's that say Todd
while you dropped verses at N's proms
!!%@#@, you better battle number two
Cause number one, got his title locked down son

You see how much more personal LL's diss was compared to Canibus'? Canibus' sounded like some straight recycled %$+! you could say to any rapper,it was generic on some scientific richness and mischeive, prime time, einstein, molecule compound, combined with miracles and blessed with, lyrical freshness,yatta yatta..

Plus how did LL not win when you see Canibus years later on the BEEF dvd still crying over it and talking about how LL was his idol and he grew up on him andhe respects him...It's like...All the stuff he said on the record goes out the window after hearing that..

I rest my case...
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canibus was always constantly "vague" with his disses where you could for the most part insert person _____ and it would apply to them ... dude wasnasty though ...

but im on the side of, you can battle whoever you want and win and yadda yadda yadda but if youre not relevant in music and the dude you were battling stillis, what was the point?

like all canibus has from that battle is less money than LL and people on message boards going "OMG" ... thats it

it would be like if i dissed someone right now and took 6 months to make it and made sure every single word was perfect and went on an entire 8 minute songabout someone like jay-z ... point?
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Originally Posted by iHateTimeDotCom

had he not battled LL he woulda been even less known... 2nd round ko was his single...
yeah i was more referring to who "won" ... sort of like winning the battle but not the war ...
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Originally Posted by Emmanuel Goldstein

canibus was always constantly "vague" with his disses where you could for the most part insert person _____ and it would apply to them ... dude was nasty though ...

This is true...this also go for that wack diss he sent to him on that mic club album...
I remember him saying some @%+% like "beating me is like Gary Coleman fighting the Hulk"...I don't remember but it was trash...
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It's not wack...but it's just...Em. I mean, cool...he can rap better than most rappers. But he's not really talking about anything even kindarelevant to any type of lifestyle I've even heard of the majority of the time.
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Beautiful may keep reiterating the same things but the song is amazing. I'm liking this album so far; still have about 8 more songs to listen to.
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Beautiful is the best rap song I've heard in a LONG time. It's also the only track off Relapse I've heard
Anything more off the album similarto that?
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Originally Posted by meshies

Originally Posted by OrenthalJames

meshie wrote:
[hr][/hr] im def not checkin for this....

I used to be a huge em fan, but if someone turns this on im gonna demand them to turn it off. Just because I know im gonna be dissapointed. I want to remember em for his 'better days'.
this is the type of stuff I am talking about. Dudes on NT love to say w/e to get their post quoted.

@ me for quoting him.
LOL. Eminem just reminds me of middle school. I havent been able to listen to ANYTHING eminem since like 10th grade. How does one ride around bumpin eminem? What is the proper time/place/setting/mood to listen to eminem anymore?

yep....i feel that i could only get down with this album if i was in grade 6..em just isn't as amusing as he once was.


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this coming from the person who said the carter 3 was better than relapse .. ... LOL ... ... in fact, since you wanna talk about grade school, dont you learnabout extraterrestrials in about grade 6?
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the third verse of deja vu is one of the best of 09

so i take a Vicodin splash, it hits my stomach and ahhhh
couple of weeks go by, it ain't even like i'm getting high
now i need it just not to feel sick, yeah i'm getting by
wouldn't even be taking this $!%@ if DeShaun didn't die
oh yeah, there's an excuse, you lose Proof so you use
there's new rules, it's cool if it's helping you to get through
it's 12 noon, ain't no harm in self-inducing a snooze
what else is new? %%#@ it, what would Elvis do in your shoes?
now here i am, three months later, full blown relapse
"just get high until the kids get home from school, holmes, relax"
and since i'm convinced that i'm an insomniac
i need these pills just to be able to sleep so i take three naps
just to be able to function throughout the day, let's see
that's an Ambien each nap, how many Valium? three
and that one averages out to one good hours sleep
okay so now you see the reason how come he
has taken four years to just put out an album, b
see, me and you, we almost had the same outcome, Heath
cuz that Christmas, you know the whole pneumonia thing?
it was bologna, was it the Methadone, ya think?
or the hydrocodones you hide inside your pornos, your VCR tape cases
with your Ambiens, these are great places to hide 'em, ain't it?
so you can lie to Hailie
i'm going beddy bye, Whitney baby, goodnight, Alaina!
go in the room and shut the bedroom door
and wake up in an ambulance, they said they found me on the bathroom floor
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