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I cheated on the 8's fellas. Lmao! I caved an copped another 9. The easters look good on feet and for $80, i couldnt pass.
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I cheated on the 8's fellas. Lmao! I caved an copped another 9. The easters look good on feet and for $80, i couldnt pass.
We're not judging.
 I plan on copping the right 9 low when it comes out. You posted pics in the 9 thread?
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There's a 7.5 and a 13 I was able to add to cart in the green glow pit vipers up on FTL. I would have snagged the 13 for me but I can't see myself wearing them for anything but on court and I've got too many pairs dedicated to that right now
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Congrats ^^^^^^

Man Easters are such a pain to clean. They get so dirty. I UNDS them two weeks ago and been wearing them for two weeks straight on the weekend. Dirty as hell. Also got a little yellow paint on the bottom of the soles. Shoe MGK took off all the dirt but the paint still remains. Anybody have any ideas on how to remove the paint?

*Paint from Easter sunday.
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Looks legit but wondering when the picture was taken. Not sure if the sole would yellow if it's in the box or stays "stock" like that. Better get tagged/dated pic to make sure if it's recent and the pic is the seller's.
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Eh, $145's still too much for my taste. If they were the Bruce Lee's it'd be a different story now. :smokin
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Thanks my man.

I got the stickers from LacedLoosely.
Sorry for off topic post, but hows it work with the stickers? Do you tell them what you want or send them pictures, etc? Appreciate any info would love to put these on my plastic bins. Thanks in advance!
Glad to help.  After you've added the custom pack that you want, and you're placing your order, you type the nickname/colorway.  
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If the Kobe 8 could've gotten this colorway though.
I saw those at the new Niketown Boston. They were actually kind of nice. From far away I thought it was a new colorway of the 9's, but it is just those takedown venomenon. Dissapointed
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So upset I slept on the easter 8s...I wish I could find one at a decent price.
You and me both man, but then again I just started noticing and liking the kobe 8s very recently and so far I've found a few pairs already but did end up paying over retail on some but so far I've tracked down ( easters, area 72s, mine greys, graffiti, challenge reds, blitz blues, xmas ss ) I'm still on the hunt for blue lights/glows, purple fades, pit vipers, mambacurials, wtk? Not too mention that I wear a size 13 which always seems to sell out fast so it definitely hasn't been easy to start this late in the Kobe 8 game and track down some pairs...
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Fellas, found a great deal on some milksnakes, but they are a full size bigger then my other 8s, think I'll be able to walk around in them comfortably? (Might hoop in them too)
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