-- Ok, so I just got fooled.. She's probably never gonna talk to me again --

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I just totally forgot what day it was..

Chick calls me after she gets off work. We hold a conversation for agood ten minutes until she says she'll call me back when she gets home.

3 mins elapses..

Her- Hey, I've been meaning to tell you something..
Me- What's up?
Her- pause................. I wanted to tell you last night, but... don't be mad
Me- I won't be mad..What, did you F somebody? I can't be mad we're not together
Her- pause..... you don't know who he is..
Me- Ok so it shouldn't matter. so who was it?
Her- Ric
Me- pause....... So you lied two weeks ago when i asked if anything went down between y'all, so you brought dude home on the first nite and gave up the buns? Sounds like a real slu-bag to me
Her- Excuse me?!?
Me- I said you're an f'n eazy breezy, all it takes is a little bit of alcohol.. on top of that I f'd 2 days later so what does that make you?
Her- Uhh, excuse me?!?
Me- I trusted you enough to do this shh on top of lie about it when I asked
Her- Are you mad?
Me- I don't care about you enough to be mad
Her- So you don't care about me...?
Me- Naw im through..
Her- Hey, April fools im just playin..
Me- *click*

She called back 4 times.. i ignored them

Her roommates calls to apologize on her behalf like "I told her not to do it..  I promise she didn't do anything with him it was a joke" I'm like to be honest i still believe her..

My first L of the year..
If i was her I wouldn't talk to me.

I've been on the net all day seeing these articles on pranks and april fools day, and for a split second i forgot.
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She smashed the homie. She's just using today as a way to say she was lying. But she's not.
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im sayin....

if you want to keep smashin (which you probably havent), jusy say you were playing around too. anything goes today


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Originally Posted by 940sicc3

im sayin....

if you want to keep smashin (which you probably havent), jusy say you were playing around too. anything goes today
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Are the pics not working or did this guy seriously make this thread without making pics like anybody cares about the story?
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I think she was just tryna use today to cover a real lie

But if you want to fix things just call her back later all mad and then say "April Fools!". She can't really get mad at you since she did the same thing
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