So Norcal, what are you doing for Halloween?

May 8, 2005
I'm in a bit of a rut.

I have nothing to do on Halloween day (so far). But the week before Halloween i'm hittin up Santa Barbara.

what are your plans? any ideas?

(no castro. I went last year)
Halloween is like the only holiday I don't really do stuff when there's nothing but partying. It seems like as you get older too, Halloween get's better. I am want to hear suggestions. All I know from other is that Castro get's poppin' for some reason.

And what's up with Exotic Erotic Ball? When it's that time again, I hear that commercial on the radio like no other. Never been there but according to an old Maxium or Playboy, it was rated number 5 in the top parties of the U.S.
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I'm gonna check out a party up in san francisco, or ima jus chill at my friends house. Damn I be reminiscing about the old days on halloween, tho seeing all the little kids going house to house, but being older does have benefits to.
no more halloween in the castro
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^^^ I read int he paper no more halloween in the castro as far as the city was concerned but they know it's going to happen anyways but they are just not backing it. I read in the chronicel a couple weeks ago that there will be way more cops then there were last year out there to make sure things don't go down like they did last year but they sure made it sound like it's still going down... just a heads up...

I'll be in Cabo San Lucas next weekend for the annual pimp and ho party down there... Anyone interested in going airfare is only $253 r/t right now... LOL

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no sb or socal for me..too lazy and dont really got any funds right now.

prolly end up staying up here in davis and go to parties or whatnot.
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But the week before Halloween i'm hittin up Santa Barbara
im heading down to Santa Barbra...never been but it should be coo

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n e i deas for people under age but too old for trick or treating. i seriously have nothing too do

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thee, problem is, in high school there are no such house parties. when i entered high school i always imagined me going to crazy high school house parties, but that illusion was shattered when i learned that there are no such things. >:

That's my thought on it.
I'm also hitting up Santa Barbara the weekend before Halloween. Hit me up if you're heading out there as well.
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college girls + halloween = my new favorite holiday... ever since i experienced my first halloween in college last year.

hopefully SB...if not, find a party around sfstate? :lol:

thats whats up
Whats going down in Las Vegas? Im thinking about heading over there this year but dont know what the turn outs are like since it would be my first time out there for Halloween. Anyone have any info?

I would check out castro but its getting so played out and the shootings/stabbings are not cool at all. I'd rather hit up a nice party or event
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what goes down in Santa Barbara during Halloween??

They close off Del Playa St in IV (Isla Vista) which is near SB. Just a strip, various open houses, parties going on in different houses.

I wanna go to SB on the 26th and Monster Massive on the 27th, but I highly doubt it. Strapped for cash. Not really sure of my plans yet. Probably just gonna go to downtown San Jose like I did last year...and every weekend this past year woopdy doo.
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