The official spread love and positivity post!!!!

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First of all, i'll just state if you ain't about it, be without it. Don't come in here and be a ****.
Some might be too young, life is not even real for you yet. Just a fun little blur. Some people live in a little bubble their whole life and get by completely obliviously, seemingly happy.

What spurs me is the past week i've been in a funk. I've got two fears, losing my mind and losing my time.

I'm not where I always thought I would be at 22...a lot of odd things have happened to me, and i've been dealt some +%!++$ hands. But who hasn't?

I'm just making this cause I don't want anyone to feel as +%!++$ as I did this week.

I feel there is a lot of %!!* in the world meant to grab and hold our attention, divide us, delude us, abuse us and trick us. 

The RZA says "first they trick you and mentally kill you, then use technologies to rebuild you".

Our brains are always being manipulated, our subconsciousness is constantly attacked with BS. But don't let it get to you.

Most people find bad outlets which further deprive them and take them away from their "real" selves.

Always gotta look cool, act cool, be cool, impress, have the most clothes, cars, boats and $%%# (BOATS AND $%%#!)

Outkast says: "Take off your cool"

Mos Def says "most cats in my area be lovin' the hysteria, synthesized surface conceals the interior. America: land of opportunity, mirages and camoflauges,

more than usually- speakin loudly saying nothin'

you're confusin' me, you're losin' me

your game is twisted, want me enlisted in your usary.

Bafoonishly most men join the ranks,

cluelessly accept the perception, believe the deception.

Some of the best lines i've ever heard. Just don't give in yall. It's hard sometimes. They say sky is the limit, but the systems got you limited.

But 'Pac says "Stick your chest out, keep your head up, and handle it"

This might be all corny, lame and cheesy but I just want everyone to know, it can be done.

Whatever you want and always wanted, are trying to can be done.

Just stay true to yourself, nurture you mind, body and soul and watch everything grow - spread it to others and help them.

Hope someone out there can relate.
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I'm happy for Amber Rose - She deserved it ..

I'm happy for Kris Humpries - Bang away ..

I'm happy for Lil Wayne to come out the closet - rock them spandex ..

I'm happy for America - keep helping the rich and poor - forget about them middle americans

I'm just happy!
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You HAVE to stay positive...You reap what you sow is a statement that I feel everyone should live by because it is true. Positive attracts positive, negative attracts negative. I love yall _s we are all the same whether you like it or not.
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