Was anybody at the Lupe Fiasco Concert at UW.


formerly sinista8
Aug 14, 2001
Like what Sabzi said...the room was filled with hoodies and bandanas..

The concert was pretty cool. Lupe did his thing.
i was there. i was the dude with the huf hat, undft shirt, and some premium am1's
Hella filthy!
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^ewwwwwwwww (hypebeast) =P
good show...ra scion and sabzi killed it...loved their set
lupe was good..u knew who was who when he played certain songs, who listens to mixtapes, who bought his cd, and who juss listens to the radio ahha

bunch of stupid people there tho, disrespectful and everything..blocking people..etc..some girl got trampled =/ after massive monkies

who was the dood who threw his shoe up during kick push?

sabzi was right on point w/ the comment...a "hipster conference" according to him aha
"all over prints and bandanas tied around the necks"
^ewwwwwwwww (hypebeast) =P

some girl got trampled

when they where tossing cd's into the crowd, some girl got hit in the head, and landed near my foot. i was going to go pick it up, but i was too busy laughing, haha
who was the dood who threw his shoe up during kick push?
Team Pacific Northwest​
you where the hypebeast with that hoody you where wearing

hahah..y do u think it was turned inside out =P
well..ur hat was kinda hypebeast like =P (reaching haha)

some girl got hit in the head

that was a friend hahah...she said her head hurt for quite sum time
(i was laughin' too, til i realized who it hit ahah)

brian told me about that

i pointed it out to him since i was rite in front of him
probably an ISSer like u said ahha
i was backstage in coolguy stuff.
Breakin' more necks than Solid Snake.<br><br>Your chains do not excite the feds.
i was there with a few other niketalkers including dunks206. was in the atmos am1s. concert was cool, standing for 4 hours straight wasnt. but overall good experience.

as for the shoes (since this is niketalk) there was some notable stuff, including all the sb's that released within the past year.

aim- watch0utitskevin
email- kevinhan206@yahoo.com
i was backstage too. wearing the lrg hidden resolution hoody in purple with some air force two mitas. pretty chill i got in for free with a backstage pass cus one of my teachers husband ran the concert.
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No, I've been to too many Scholar shows lately. Plus they're hittin' up my school in March.
Really though, I'm just here to boost my post count.
wat shoe did that guy throw up?? wat'd he look like? i think i might kno who ur talkin about
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