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    Bay Area Concert Thread : Venues, Show times/dates, sites to buy tickets.

    Hey guys, want to put a plug in for a FREE concert Thursday, the 25th (tomorrow) by Mistah FAB. You have to be 21+ to enter (it's sopnsored by MGD, a beer brand), but other than that we'd love for you to come out. I don't think this is soliciting, since it's free, just hoping to spread the word...
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    ***$$$-NT Sportsbook Thread vol.2- Props props props props props props... EVERYBODY!

    I was just kidding about the retirement part. We did go 7-0-1 on the teasers though. So it was in play. I don't really gamble online anymore, but there was no way I was gonna spend a Sunday in Vegas and not bet on football. Good luck on your picks today. Hope you're right about my Tigers.
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    ***$$$-NT Sportsbook Thread vol.2- Props props props props props props... EVERYBODY!

    Spent my first NFL Sunday in Vegas. Was a loooooong day in The Showroom at the LV Hilton. Had a ball though. Hit two 4-team teasers as well: I was hoping to make enough to start a new life as a professional gambler. SNF and MNF were not as good for me though, lol.
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    DOMINOS 5.99 large pizza 2 toppin

    Thin crust pepperoni/black olives was delicious. Thanks for the hook up.
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    the thread about nothing...

    This is the all-time worst feeling! I spent weeks scouting this bathroom...single toilet stall near the utility closet. Don't they know that's for my personal use?!
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    katt williams actually came back strong vol. new specials is lulz

    Haven't really been a fan, but this seemed pretty funny. Not like I'll be paying for it anyway, I'll give it a watch.
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    The obama campaign is running quite the disgraceful race these day's

    :rollin my mans Coach not even gonna take his hand out of his pocket to greet the President? Hilarious picture though. Reminds me of my private school days.
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    Hop Step Then Pivot

    My exact reaction.
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    Euro trip suggestions vol. now accepting

    I visited a bunch of countries while studying abroad. Vienna, Barcelona, Amsterdam and Paris were my favorites. I didn't find Milan that interesting. Just seemed too much like an American city to me. Venice was ok, but it was February and I think it's better when it's warmer. Enjoy!   
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