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    Dwight Howard Dunk Preview

    yea well jamario moon is going to dunk it from about a foot behind the free throw that video and we'll see who wins but Dwight does have somenice dunks but Jamario is going to come through with the W
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    ***Official Future Sole*** future designers check this out!

    do you have to be from the United States what about Canada
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    its also on if any of you don't believe it...This trade is unbelieveably one-sided...that's disgusting haven't they got betteroffers than that...Colangelo should of gave them something like that expiring contract Rasho anyone??
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    Why Does Vince Carter look like a cancer patient?

    He has no heart...He sucks now...He just doesn't care anymore and yes I'm a salty Raps fan but hes a females bodypart that cant be written on thismessage board
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    Donyell Marshall - Where's my jersey? VID

    Exactly what I was saying...Damn he musta got that one when he was a youngin
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    *** 2008 NBA ALL STAR: FULL ROSTERS! (Update on Allen-Butler + RASHEED) ***

    Right on the $$$.B.Diddy over Roy. Baron averaging 23 8 and 6 with 2.5 steals...Roy averaging 19 6 5 and 1 stl and the warriors have 2 more wins thanPortland. Sure the run and gun style gives Baron more stats but NO DOUBT this is Barons best year hes been pretty much injury free as far as games...
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    Cavs V Lakers Vol: Bron V Kobe...oh boy

    Im feeling a 30 10 10 triple dub for least i hope so for my fantasy team's sake....Kobe will get 35 8 and 8 in a loss Cavs by 8 will be a good game
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    Glen Rice Appreciation

    R.Kelly status trapped in the closet..why would the guy to the cops about it...thats just problems and he deserved it cause he was in wifes closet..if anythingRice shoulda juss raise his hand to his wife and proceed to walk away and wave the prenupt she signed b4 they got married
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    Bill Walton is a Fool Ahaaa

    Damn that is a low blow but thats funny as hell.....he GOT 'em
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    Ginobili annihilated S. Jackson tonight.....

    Ginobli should have shot that but oo well....Jack got it can't even lie on that one...damn but he got em with the 10 pts in OT so all talks end...brokenankles but he got the W
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    Jason Kidd has a girlfriend? And she's pregnant?

    Don't forget son has to put on a helmet for safety....DAMN sonis pushing WEIGHT
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    -[Official Chargers vs Colts Thread]- vol. Philip Rivers Appreciation

    yup, Lorenzo should be back also I think Gates is going to stick it out and have surgery after the season is done so.....Colts fans don't be jinxing yourteam, I think its going to be a lot better game than yall think. Gates is going to open up the middle regardless of wheather he gets cathces or...
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    Deshawn Stevenson is The Locksmith + his new tattoo

    I think the tat woulda been better if it didn't have the 2....the name looks sick imo. The nickname...i like the wizards they are full of characters....that is probably the funniest locker room in the L...
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    Who shouldn't make the all star team??

    I don't know if you guys started a thread about this if so delete. But the west all star team has great gaurds, the question is who's going to getsnubbed. Starting we already know the backcourt will be T-mac and Kobe We all know T-mac shouldn't be starting but what can you say about fan voting...
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