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    Letter to my parents

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    Customer kills a would be walgreens robber and some think he should be punished...SMH

    Good riddance. Probably get a citation for CC if anything.
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    Letter to my parents

    As I am graduating in the next couple of weeks and heading back home I felt it was time that Ilet loose this burden that I've been carrying on my back for the past 8 years. This is a letter that I wroteto my parents my sophomore year of college, that I never sent. I am writing to tell you...
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    What will the world be like AFTER religion FAILS?

    Its not going to fail. You'll always have impoverished and uneducated peoples (for the most part) that will find explanation of what's going on via a complex being.
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    Volcano erupts in Guatemala

    21012 is gna be the first one to hit  yo a$# We'll all be dead by then.
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    Tyreke Evans wins NBA Rookie of the Year

    Watch more than Bay Area basketball.
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    Volcano erupts in Guatemala

    at 2012. Open a Geology book. This is normal.
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    Since when did shaving your legs = homosexuality

    Guess I'm metro then. Body hair grosses me out.
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    Since when did shaving your legs = homosexuality

    Let me get this straight, if you shave your legs you're a +%!#? Most absurd statement I've heard today. What is your stance on this?
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    Halo Reach!! Multiplayer Beta Video

    Hilarious how they dumbed down the MP to broaden their already large fanbase. Running, jetpacks, assassinations? What the hell.
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    Jilian Michaels, "I Won't Ruin My Body With Pregnancy"

    Its selfish. Mariah Carey shared the same sentiments a few years back.
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    When did you move out?

    21, not yet. I'm aiming to move out by May 16, 2011 (1 year after graduation). If I haven't by then, I'm losing.
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    Tiger Woods is a sucker #** #$%%$ vol. The Black Delegation has put him on the trading block

    Son, I have this chick actually saying that she deserves every penny. Elin did not help him get to where he is today. Did she help him get those eagles x birdies x win those tourneys? No. These broads wilding.
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