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    25 and older Jordan heads

    I'm 27 and I still have my collection strong everything I have bought in the last 18 years I tried to sell my kicks because i needed money but didn't work I can't see my self selling my kicks I try to just buy og colors or very nice colors like toro 4 but I see my self still having all my kicks...
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    those are dope i would get them
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    Inside Info on 2013 releases

    i would love some new grapes grade school size i still have fire v deadstock and is always good to have new laney
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    Nike Air Foamposite One "Galaxy" 2/25/12: NO BUYING/SELLING/TRADING! YOU WILL BE BANNED!

    people should move on and think about another pair of shoes because is not going to happen for any of us.
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    J23 - Jordan iPhone/Android app I'm working on **UPDATE: FINALLY RELEASED!**

    can you please port this to android thanks I will make sure all my t-mobile customer get's this app downloaded at point of activation
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    Nike Air on the back of Jordans

    one day it will be back one day it will
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    Air Jordan 11 "Citrus" Sample

    i bet people will still kill for these
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    J23 - Jordan iPhone/Android app I'm working on **UPDATE: FINALLY RELEASED!**

    i will help you transfer this into android too and get you a lot of download pm me if anything
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    Your Jordan Pick Up Of The Year??

    white metalic black jordan v from 2000 and I got them last week of 2011 =)
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    When will we get some nice post 14 Retros?

    i have 1-26 so i can't complain i don't sleep
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    AIR JORDAN 12 RETRO - BLACK/WHITE/RED - 130690-001 - CONFIRMED 4/2012

    still thinking about these idk yet
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    Grape/Laney Pack Pic Vol. Wooden Crate?

    we don't believe you unless you twitpic it 
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    I really think that JB should consider re-retroing the Fire Red 3s asap. What do you guys think?

    i love my pair and quality you people complain too much here about quality just don't buy it and thats it
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