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    /Advice needed for a back-to-school laptop/

    Looking to get a good and affordable laptop for college. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Especially what to look for specifically when I'm in these retail stores. Thanks.
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    Taylor Kitsch taking some serious L's in 2012

    Yeah, but he can bounce back from it. It's not like he was completely making awful decisions to be honest with you. Anyone would jump at the chance to work with Oliver Stone or even be part of a franchise. Personally, I think Disney really dropped the ball with John Carter. As good as it could...
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    Jessica Biel ------ kate upton - u jelly?

    Maggie G as in Gyllenhaal? Seriously? Out of all the white woman in Hollywood, you chose Maggie Gyllenhaall? I can't even imagine acknowledging Maggie Gyllenhaall's presence if I had Scarlett in my bed.  
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    What in the f word is wrong with my boss

    Hahah!! My boy did this once. Well not exactly...but he made his girl call his job and tell them he quit.
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    Texas Dept. of Justice has a record of the last words of every inmate they've ever executed

    My goodness. I can't believe people think like this.
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    Dude...there's no way.
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    Who is 2 Chainz and why is everyone talking about him?

    There's no way people actually think like this.
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    Nike, quit playing and retro these already... Get it right!

    When I first got into sneakers, this was the first pair my parents purchased for me. So much sentimental value. Wish I could get my hands on these.
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    Reebok Question to return in 2012.

    Which one did you go to?
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    When will nike finally retro the Pippen line?

    Always thought this was an awful shoe.
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