Dec 10, 2001
[table][tr][th=""]Club[/th] [th=""]League[/th] [th=""]Venue[/th] [th=""]Established[/th] [th=""]Championships[/th] [/tr][tr][th=""]Detroit Lions[/th] [td]NFL Football[/td] [td]Ford Field[/td] [td]1930[/td] [td]4 (NFL), 0 (Super Bowl)[/td] [/tr][tr][th=""]Detroit Pistons[/th] [td]NBA Basketball[/td] [td]The Palace of Auburn Hills[/td] [td]1941[/td] [td]3[/td] [/tr][tr][th=""]Detroit Red Wings[/th] [td]NHL Hockey[/td] [td]Joe Louis Arena[/td] [td]1926[/td] [td]11[/td] [/tr][tr][th=""]Detroit Shock[/th] [td]WNBA Basketball[/td] [td]The Palace of Auburn Hills[/td] [td]1998[/td] [td]3[/td] [/tr][tr][th=""]Detroit Tigers[/th] [td]MLB Baseball[/td] [td]Comerica Park[/td] [td]1894[/td] [td]4 [/td] [/tr][/table]
Motown Records is a record label originally based in Detroit, Michigan, USA. Founded by Berry Gordy, Jr. on January 12, 1959 as Tamla Records, the company was incorporated asMotown Record Corporation on April 14, 1960. The name, a portmanteau derived from the words motor and town, is also a nickname for Detroit.

Motown played an important role in the racial integration ofpopular music, as it was the first record label owned by an African American to primarily feature African-American artists who achievedcrossover success. In the 1960s, Motown and its soul-based subsidiarieswere the most successful proponents of what came to be known as The Motown Sound, a style of soul music with a distinct pop influence.
[h3]Tim Allen[/h3]
Star of Home Improvement, a television comedy set in a Detroit suburb. Allen spent much of his childhood in Birmingham. He attended WesternMichigan University and performed stand-up comedy at Mark Ridley's Comedy Castle in Detroit.
[h3]Jerry Bruckheimer[/h3]
Bruckheimer is a powerful Hollywood producer. In addition to producing movies like National Treasure, Pirates of the Caribbean andPearl Harbor, Bruckheimer has produced several television shows. He was born in Detroit in 1945.
[h3]Francis Ford Coppola[/h3]
Coppola is the academy-award winning director of The Godfather. He was born in Detroit in 1939 but raised in New York.
Eminem, rapper and star of 8 Mile, was born Marshall Bruce Mathers III and spent much of his childhood in the Metro Detroit Area, including Warren,Roseville and St. Clair Shores. He attended Lincoln High School in Warren.
Renowned recording artist and film star, Madonna was born in Bay City in 1958, grew up in Pontiac and graduated Adams High School in Rochester Hills. Sheattended the University of Michigan for three semesters.
[h3]Ed McMahon[/h3]
Sidekick to Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show, McMahon was born in Detroit in 1923.
[h3]Henry Ford (July 30, 1863 - April 7, 1947) was the American founder of the Ford Motor Company and father of modern assembly lines used in massproduction. His introduction of the Model T automobile revolutionized transportation and American industry. [/h3]

The "Jordan Rules" were a defensive strategy employed by the Detroit Pistons against MichaelJordan in order to contain Jordan. Devised by head coach Chuck Daly in 1988, thePistons' strategy was "to play him tough, to physically challenge him and to vary its defenses so as to try to throw him off balance.
I'm from michigan too.. If this was 1965, this would be appreciated. But as of now Grand Rapids>>>>>>>>>>Detroit
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