Ingrown toenail :::yiiikes:::

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Alright fam, this is starting to hurt like hell. I've been having this ingrown toenail on my big toe for almost a year now and the pain is getting worse.
Today was my breaking point when I went to try on a pair of those AM 97s that came out 2 weeks ago. I told the dude to toss me a pair that he had in his hand and it slipped from my hands and landed on the toe that i have the ingrown toenail

I kid you not... it felt like a bolt of electicity going from the tip of my toe all the way up my legs to my balls.
I've never felt any kinda pain like that in years.

Has anybody ever had an ingrown toenail removed?
How long does the pain last?
And how long does it take to heal?
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How you going to have an ingrown toe nail for 1 year? it should be coming out your skin/shoes by now
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I've been feeling the pain for almost 1 year... it must be a slow growth because the longer I wait to get it removed, the worse the pain gets
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How did you have it for so long?

You need to go see a doctor and they'll numb the area and take it out.


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i remember in 7th grade, one of my classmates had surgery on his toe to prevent further ingrown toenail. i myself experience ingrown toenail. every 1.5-2 months i cut my toenails and use clippers to cut the sides, sure my toe bleeds but it feels great afterwards.
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A year? Damn...

I had one for a couple of months and had to go see a doctor to get it taken care of. When they took it out it was such a relief. It had grown to a point and was stabbing my toe. That %*@* was painful.


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Go to a doctor 1st of all. It will be trimmed or removed. U need to stop rounding your toenails when you clip them. dont cut your toenails so low.
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%#+? I don't know how people can keep their nails so long. I trim em every week and a half(feet and hands). Maybe it's just me....
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I used to have them in both big toes..All from constant picking at it and cutting the nail on an angle..

Had the doctor remove the sides of my nail..Haven't had one since, its been like 5-6 years..My nails grow super slow now, but I'm pain free.
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I used to have one and after a good bathroom surgery I have been good to go. But my father had one and went to the doctor and they did it for him in like 5 minutes.

I wouldnt suggest doing it yourself cuz I %@$+%% up my toe a couple times before I got it right.
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wow a year tho? every time I had an ingrown toenail i got it fixed in no less than 3 weeks....u need to get that checked asap
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My toenails are hella curved so I used to get them all the time. I think I've had them surgically remove ingrown toenails like 6 times from both my big toes. It doesn't really hurt when they take them off and it's nothing really major. Basically, they give you like 4 shots of anesthetic on your toe (which is the worst part) and depending on how bad it is, they'll either cut off half of your nail straight down the middle, or clip off the whole thing. Afterwards, when the anesthetic wears off it'll start to throb where they gave you the shots and hurt like a mofo, but never really the actual nail. You'll be able to walk on it the next day, you just have to keep cleaning it and junk so it doesn't get all funktified. I used to be so scared of needles that I used to ignore the pain with mine for months too until they actually got infected. It got to the point where I would get like this swollen growth %#% on my toe and I had no choice but to go to the doctor.
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Doesn't sound like an ingrown if you have had it for that long, unless you have been repeatedly cutting it incorrectly.

See a podiatrist in case it is something more.
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I hate Yuku....

Anyway, it's not a real serious surgery or anything. Basically, they give you a shot of anesthetic on your toe, clip off either half, or the whole nail depending on what you want or how bad it is. After the anesthetic wears off it'll start to throb and hurt like hell, but only where you got the shots. It goes away after a few hours and you should be able to walk around fine with some gauze. Once you clean it up and it dries you can walk around normally usually within a day or so. Just make sure you keep the area clean or your nail will grow back and be nasty lookin.

I've had my toenail on my big toes like 6 times (3 on each side). I was scared as hell of needles so I always waited until I had no other choice but to go see a doctor. At one point it was so bad that it got infected and my toe was almost purple. The last time I had one I had a doctor just clip/rip it out without aneshtetic...
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I had one for a year + when I was a little kid. - i finally broke in and let mom take me to the docs. They numbed it up, and cut it out. 10 years later it still sometimes goes ingrown - but I think the scar tissue I have from dealing with this for so long doesn't allow it to actually cut into my skin. So i just clip it up and move on. Ive heard they have laser treatment for them now though. You might check that out. 
fyi - when they cut it off, make sure they put a bandage/gauze that is easy to remove, as that was the worst part of the whole procedure  - taking the gauze off later that night. 
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