NT - Go Out and Get Life Insurance, Your Parents Too

Aug 29, 2008
As some of you know, my pops passed on this past Saturday. As his "beneficiary" I amdealing with making the funeral arrangements. Well I just found out that my dad didn't have stand-alone life insurance or a will. Although my name is oneverything, it is not sufficient. I always wanted to ask him about it, but the thought of my dad passing had me shook. Well now, I am dealing with a financialburden (not that I care), I want a good funeral for my pops but I cannot afford to shell out $15K out my pocket right now. He didn't leave me with much ashis pension was all sent to Jamaica after he retired, I can only assume that all those funds were spent on his property out there. Without a will I have noaccess to funds in his bank accounts...

I'm probably sure that many of you nor your parent's have life insurance or a will. Isuggest that you guys talk to them about this as you really don't want to be standing where I am right now....this stress x grief is nuts, if it wasn'tfor NT...I'd be a mess...

As well, cherish the moments you guys have with your loved ones....NEVER let them go without themknowing how you feel about them...I've now learned this the hard way
Damn, sorry to hear about that. My gramps schooled me on life insurance right when i got my first job at 18.
will are essential and must be done together with a lawyer or a notary. Otherwise you just get too many problems.
First off, sorry to hear about your pops. Yes, Life insurance is a must. Especially for the working class poor, funerals and burying somebody cost a lot ofmoney, and its something not no one is ready for financially and emotionally. Also you can leave a legacy behind when you die, if the beneficiary is smart withit.
when my brother passed he had just came off my moms job insurance and wasnt thinking he needed insurance at 23

it was 10k to bury my dude, then we couldnt get any of his socialsecrurity, money in the bank, anything. my pops had to pay off his car since he was thecosigner. the money we got from the settlement helped but it wasnt enough

im about to be dropped from my moms insurance and she got me looking right now for insurance companies.
State Farm just came out with a Return of Premium Term - 30 year policy. It's like a savings account, if nothing happens you get every penny of yourmonthly premium back. Yup, just like Chris Rock said. My boy said he sold 12 in 1 day. I'm going to meet him next week to review the fine print. I'msure the payment has to come out automatically and you better not miss any payments.

Sorry to hear about your loss. I was a bad son for a few years.
Been saying this in all investment threads, etc. here on NT.

I hope people have been listening. Most dudes here are in their teens and its better to start early. Get a permanent life insurance while you're young.You don't want to start when youre already in your 30s, 40s when you have more expenses.
good advise. thanks for taking time during a difficult period of your life to share. hope the best for you
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