POWER WALL AIR MAXES... whats the deal?

Jan 8, 2002
i saw these on a site last night. whats the deal with these. how rare and why do they go for so much money?

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perfectly made with mesh.

probably why.
also VERY limited.
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"Limited" is putting it kindly.

Powerwall and Tier 0 are ultra-low quantity, and that is why, sir.

How much were they asking, by the way.
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yea people slept hard on the powerwall joints...igrabbed a fewpairs and every time i break one out peopleget gassed over them.. especially the yellow 90's.... such a sick shoe.. that and the 90 u posted were my two favorite shoes of the powerwall
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there were a ton of them at the nike outlet in charleston, south carolina...

but that was like two summers back
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I remember when they had them for retail at Niketown. I didn't know much about them. I slept on these hard.
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I have the same pair Twig posted. Copped for 175 at a Dunkxchange. :smokin

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They aren't as rare as you think. There were too many different models. Many get lost in the shuffle on ebay.
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Powerwalls are sick. i need several of them. in 13, which makes them even rarer and more expensive.
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I loved the Powerwall releases but I do wish they launched everything thru a few month span instead of dropping everything at once. I guess I could have put a few grand on the CC, but would rather not!
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especially the yellow 90's.... such a sick shoe
Agreed Lemonade AM1 and AM90 >>> all others shoes released at NT.
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I tried to get those 90s in a 13 for the longest.... never happened

.. AND I know Stuntastic is probably rocking his in puddles with bike chain grease on them :lol:

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I should've kept mine clean :smh:

The midsole on my 90s were cracking so I said @#%$ it and wore em hard :lol:
These came out in January two years back. They only came out at a few Niketowns. They were very limited in quantity. Initially you needed a invite to be ableto get a wristband to buy the shoes. Most of the good colorways sold out in the first night. There were a few shoes left over at NTLA. All of the air max werepremium shoes and the retail was higher than it normally is for each particular shoe. I don't know what the exact numbers were, but I heard rumors ofanywhere from 300-500 pairs made of each.

I couldn't figure out how to message you, hit me with a pm or an email and I can tell you more. I might have a few pairs as well...
dammm 1 of my favorite airmaxes out the tier zero drop and the lemonade 90's dam ....biggest regret
the powerwalls are WAY more rare than people think... these were only released at 9 Niketowns around the world, and only 5 in the US.

250 - 300 pairs of each made. You could practically consider these as a Niketown tier 0.

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