Prayer Request: For My Boy In The Hospital **UPDATED**

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sup NT.. my friend is at the Stanford hospital due to a skateboarding accident... please pray for him.. it seems as though there is no choice for the doctorsbut to pull the plug if there is no progress from his current condition.. so could all just please take a moment to pray for him, and that he gets better...big thanks NT

Update: early this morning, my friend, whom was mentioned above and prayed for in this thread, has passed away
i am just glad that he doesn't have to suffer anymore and he gets to chillup in the heavens and watch over all of his family members and friends.. was a really bad way to start off my day
hope his family is holding up well, though i highly doubt they are, which isunderstandable

he was just skating and had an accident and landed on his head
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don't know the exact story, but i guess he was just skating and had an accident and landed on his head
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Damn i know how it feels to lose a close friend/family member. My aunt passed away yesterday. But keep your head and stay strong whenever you see the familybecause when people see strength in someone that was as close to someone as you and your friend it encourages them to keep pushing forward.
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Rest In Peace to your boy. If you don't mind me asking, what happened while he was skateboarding?
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sorry to here that...i know how it feels to lose someone special...he'll be in my prayers..
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Damn.. I don't even know your friend but I'm in shock.. my prayers will go out to him.. This takes me back to almost 3 years ago, when my friend was inthe hospital and there was no choice but to pull the plug.. Rest in peace.. life is just.. damn man. Hope you and his fam will be ok..
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