Say word Mr. Burns been sippin from the fountain of youth and gettin his tan on.

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no words needed

The receding 9yr old!!
By Antonio Starr on Tuesday, September 29, 2009 Funny

If you had a chance to read this letter from my son to me then I am sure you thought as I did that it couldn't get any funnier than that.....Well...It does. Friday night I was suppose to stop home for a really brief moment before heading out to a show. They say an idle mind is the devil's playground, but I don't think that was the case with my son because not even the devil would tell a kid to do this to himself.

I know the video isn't the greatest it was taken with my Iphone.

Hilarity ensues!!! My 9yr son strikes again & I'm still laughing
By Antonio Starr on Wednesday, September 23, 2009 Wupen
So here's the setup:

Last week my son came home with his progress report and he had some less than favorable grades so I restricted him from TV and especially wrestling (he's a fanatic) until he regains his focus. This past Monday was the first day of the floods so my kids were home all day. At one point I called to check on them and my daughter told me that he was watching TV......Violation!! I told her to have him turn it off and "get into those books". Well I guess my disciplinary tactics and me having him lay out his own punishment sometimes prompted him to write me a note.

Here's a visual:

The note was on the banister at the top of the stairs with a belt hanging over the rail. Everything was strategically placed for me to read the note in that very spot.

Here is what he wrote. I like to call this piece "Wupen":

Punishing him after a 5hr commute home was the last thing on my mind and even if I were planning on "beating" him (I DON'T BEAT MY KIDS BY THE WAY) after reading that he would have earned a free pass anyway.

Aside from the gut busting comedy of the note I think it speaks volumes on how he is maturing and owns up to his mistake and was ready to accept his punishment for the violation. Afterwards we sat and watch T.V for a while....I was very proud of him.

"Nah, we going to send him to school lookin like the principal."

-The Juice
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Little homie should have got whipped for challenging his pops. Talking about "There's the belt. Go for it."
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dad gave it to him more than any of his friends could...

he had the lil homie feelin like +%$*...

mom tried to save him but dad was line "nah...after that letter...i gotta film this"
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The dad's commentary and laughter is soooo funny. "You gon go to school & they gon be like, Sir you too old to be here"
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Pops told lil homie that he couldn't go to school cause the teachers would tell him he was too old

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Im crying that video was too funny. the note. the hairline.  that kid should go into the entertainment business. 
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