Taxi 12's - December '13

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Luckily copped earlier. Went to a mall in Atlanta at 5, mall security said we cant be on the property until 6:45 (Stores said 6) so they broke up our line and everyone was circling the parking lot and just all ran into line at like 6:30, then the security ****** decided to do a raffle IN THE RAIN even though both HOH and Athlete's Foot were FCFS. My ticket (#141) was called pretty quick and I just went to the Athletes Foot line which had like 5 people in line compared to the HOH line which was packed. I'm happy
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Got through to order on Eastbay after 2 hr and 30 minute wait. Secured two pairs of these. It was not easy this morning.


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2.44 hrs eastbay checkout :smh: I have no choice but to wait. Failed trying to cop at the mall. Three hours in line and nothing. :smh:
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**** the Bay Area... I have no chance out here. Footlocker employees lying and people camping since the afternoon yesterday. I'm salty as ****.


what is going on??? People are going crazy in the US or Nike is making people World Wide going crazy, I am pretty sure they cut the release numbers in Europe into half, after 15 Minutes they were totally sold out in Euope, for me this is just a regular Jordan release, nothing like the hyped XIs!

I am sure next saturday will be hell with all these strange Nike ideas!!!!
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Easy pass on these. Called local Footaction to check stock on another shoe and employee said "Hi this is Footaction, we only have a size 15 left in the Taxis."

Looks like people who wanted these were able to get them. Good luck to everyone else still trying.
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Longest wait time i ever had on Beastbay before today was 45mins.
Today was over 4hrs... Finally completed checkout.
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About 2 hrs North Of NYC, people were out since 5 trying to line up for these. People got tickets snatched if they were in hand, people straight up cuttin line, eveyone ran in the store at around 8:25 and the police were called. My nephew got his pair but they ran 1/2 sz too big for him 

I see 0% eBayers runnin ebay auctions to 290+, but I wouldnt pay more than 225 if I was missing out & really wanted them, but my shoes are tied for next week! I will try to get videos of the Air Jordan Xmas release fiascoes we read about 
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