cars drive from point a to point b whips stunt from point a to point b

Joined Jun 18, 2007
i used to love these cars, the big wheels and @$^#... then i look back and wonder what the hell was wrong with me..
Joined Jan 26, 2009
nothing was wrong with just wanted to stunt
....I wish I could find the vid when they was in the exotic cars
Joined Jun 5, 2008
Euro >>>

I can respect cities' car cultures and all, but some of them dudes riding rims can NOT drive
word to Thousandaire
. Dudes swerve on purpose likethat %@*# is fun and stay skipping red lights late as HELL

South > __ though
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Just copped a T-Top yesterday will post pic soon no motor 350 turbo trans.
and just made arrangements for the motor for $800. It's a 383.My 2nd MC SS project had a hard top but really wanted T-top patience is a virtue I guess gotthe t-top brother.... hard top was an '86 my t-top is an '88
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never saw what so good about those car, the customizing work on them is interesting but most if not all are way overdone.

and I hate seeing those cop car (crown victorias interceptors etc) on lift kits, IMO it just looks stupid

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Thats T top monty is crazy. But honestly these cars are like wearing a sign that says pull me over and harass me.
Joined Jan 7, 2009
Originally Posted by TheSwoosh

Thats T top monty is crazy. But honestly these cars are like wearing a sign that says pull me over and harass me.
that goes with most oldschools though. you can get pulled over for being the wrong color
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The more stock it looks the greater value so putting stupid rims on a classic car is just sad. Those rims in the video look plastic not a good look so ghetto
Joined Apr 25, 2008
Originally Posted by infamousod

that's cool cept most of those dudes live in a house like this:

hey, the more money you have leftover for the whip and blowin on stupid *%%*. Nothing wrong with that, as long as you comfy.
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