Holy crap NT im in a bad spot.

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I like the idea of buying a shirt. Could you make custom shirts in just one day? Or would they be preorder? 


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I would seriously just pawn stuff that wasn't bolted down since you need the cash now. I personally don't mess with loaning people money unless they give me something worth more than there were asking for, as collateral of course. If you had some time, I would just sell everything on craigslist for below what your valuables are worth but because you are in a time crunch, let's face it you take what you can get.
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Put an existing shirt of yours on SUPER SALE (i like the "flowgo" one)

You might be able to sell a ton of them to NT'ers at the right price point.
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Damb man i feel for you.

If someone comes up with a good idea im down to buy a t-shirt.
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I like the idea of buying a shirt. Could you make custom shirts in just one day? Or would they be preorder? 

They would technically be pre order but i can turn them around extremely quick, its just if enough people are interested to make it worth it cuz im obviouslly in a jam.

Same with the hats, i only need about 10 days to have them turned around.
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i like one of ur camp hats but its 28 bucks. maybe if u can implement a nt disscount code u will get more customers


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You could make the NT hat, but instead of NT you design it as TN. That way, when I take my hourly pic in the mirror, it will read NT. I hope that didn't confuse you.
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Seems you were a little irresponsible to let your parking tickets get out of hand to the point you owe $2000 so I don't see why anyone would loan you the money. Also, if you want to create something for people to help you out then it doesn't make sense for us to tell you what to create, seems like you are just looking for charity. What work are you actually willing to put it aside from placing an order for some custom shirts?

Depending on what type of car it is, how much it's worth and what the total cost will be by the time you get the money it might be cheaper to just buy a new car otherwise try to get a title loan since you will be faced with losing the car anyway. Maybe they will set you up with a payment plan so you don't have to come up with the money all at once and have an increasing bill from the tow company. I would also talk to the tow company and see if they will let you get some type of payment plan.

You can maybe get some type of cash assistance from the govt if this car is used for work and you don't have substantial income. Check with the local offices that gives out food stamps and free health insurance.

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Sell some of your prized possesions. When times are tough you have to cash out.
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If you have kicks, hit up RIFLA, they'll cash you out.

We all dig our collections, but they make great collateral.
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