Real Life Trolling

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ITT: We discuss about real life trolling and post videos/pix of real life trolling.


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Seen't then a while back, They still funny as hell.

The Trolling Pics though >

I think there was a thread full of them a few years ago
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I guess this would be part real-life trolling and part online trolling, but every time I find one of my friends who didn't log out of their Facebook, I change their birthday to the following day and then log out.

The next day I look at their Facebook and watch all the people writing "Happy Birthday" because Facebook told them to, and the person who's Facebook it is is just confused as hell because they don't really expect that someone messed with thier Facebook. I've got about 5-6 of my friends with this it just sucks because I can't share it with anyone if I want to keep doing it, so I can really only laugh to myself. Kinda lame but whatever
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Originally Posted by zapatohead408

Junior year of high school starts tomorrow. Any suggestions on how to troll hard my first day?
raise your hand as someone else when they call out names for attendance
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