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    What does it feel like being short?

    What a dumb thread.
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    I'm in the process of getting a new laptop. I'm wondering whether or not it should be a mac or pc. Can somebody tell me, who has had experience from both sides, which one is great for gaming and school work? I'm taking engineering classes later and will for sure need programs for that. Not...
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    Can someone explain why people buy previous generation luxury cars?

    Can someone explain why this thread was even made???
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    NTers who are still in school, I need a new backpack Just bought this on eBay for $80. One of the best backpacks I've used so far. High quality and endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association.
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    Random: If Pac was alive...

    He might have turned to something that would've gotten him popular...dubstep pac?
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    your first love.

    Wow I was thinking about this the other day. That girl broke my heart so I'll, also, always have a soft spot for her...even though I still hate her.
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    Stingiest things you've seen other people do?

    Saw the funniest thing yesterday! I was in Wal-Mart and I saw this female standing there lookin at the flavor of kool-aids. Next think I know, she has a jar in her purse and starts opening packets and dumping the sugar in there. I was
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    What was your first Smartphone?

    Galaxy S 2!
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    the silent treatment vol. speak on it

    My girl hit me with the silent treatment......she's dead.
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    Im $+#%*$# up

    Record fight for all of Niketalk!!!
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    People think it's ok to Lie about a Medal of Honor?

    I feel as if it's disrespectful to those who've actually served in the marines for such a long time and have actually EARNED the medal of honor.
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    To: jordanforever08

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    Guys why?

    uhhh...... Pics of you for niketalk then?
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    Jenny Hyun responds to Mayweather's "Lin tweet"

    FLOYD IS A TROLL! I didn't believe it at first! hahahahaahahah
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