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    Jordan Heels

    Pre-crazy Mariah...she will get it...Jeter dug it out tho...
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    AIR JORDAN 4 Black/Cement/Grey BLACK FRIDAY via COUNTERKICKS 03/08/12

    That Cement color on the 99's was the business  Nike/JB hit it outta the park with that one.
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    A key to help you search on ebay.

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    Air Jordan 4 Retro Blk/Cement Grey/Fire Red CDP

    I own the CDP's and if it weren't for the fact that I love this CW, I woulda sold them a long time ago...that midsole paint is like chalk on glue...what a travesty
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    Official Air Jordan VI & VII "Golden Moments" Pack! 8/18/12 NO BUYING/SELLING/TRADING!

    Those VI's are gonna be HOT on the streets  More reason to stay way away from them...y'all can have 'em
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    Air Jordan 4 White / Varisty Red - Black 23rd Anniversary

    Too much going on with these IV's...I prefer the understated in the III through VII
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    AIR JORDAN 12 RETRO - BLACK/WHITE/RED - 130690-001 - CONFIRMED 4/2012

    NBA Feet pics of these in the Playoffs? Would look fire on some Heat players
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    Air Jordan IV Military First Look Vol. Kixandthecity

    The most recent WCIV's seem to be holding up rather well...
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    A key to help you search on ebay.

    I love the shoes listed as "Concord Space Jam Yeezy 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Playoff Fire Red Cement Rare Sold Out OG Retro Premio BIN Kanye Galaxy Jordan"
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    It seems like everyone has to get everything nowadays.  Especially when they release pictures in "teen pulse" or "hip hop" magazine of their favorite flavor of the month celebrity or entertainer wearing them to buy groceries. These things market themselves.
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    JORDAN SHOE NICKNAMES when did it start?

    "Yea, I might copp the Charcoal VII's releasing this year." "Naw man, ain't no Charcoal 7's releasing, just the Oly pack and the Raptors." "The Raptors are the Charcoals." "Naw, they different." "No, sir they are unfortunately the same shoe."
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    when to stop buy Jordans

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    Air Jordan IV Military First Look Vol. Kixandthecity

    JB's great sales strategy continues...Low quality and Low quantity continuing to generate high demand...
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